‘Primetime Propoganda’: Leftist Hollywood Schools America

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Ben Shapiro’s new book, Primetime Propaganda: the True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV confirms what has been suspected by many for years – Hollywood emphasizes, repeats and stresses the liberal agenda with the specific goal of impacting opinion and shaping minds.

It’s no secret that television commercials, sitcoms, children’s shows and mainstream news are all renowned for promoting left-leaning bias. Woven into the tapestry of primetime Hollywood offerings are messages insinuating that the liberal choice is always the better, more intelligent option.

Television is saturated with liberals who attempt to influence public opinion with subliminal methods as subtle as smiling approvingly when interviewing a liberal and scowling when discussing a conservative.

The hit show Glee presents homosexuality as a viable option for confused prom “queens” vying for the dual prize of acceptance and a rhinestone crown. Private Practice’s Dr. Addison Montgomery heroically performed a partial-birth abortion and even Doctor House’s main squeeze Lisa Edelstein, complete with a hanger for a prop, promoted legalized abortion in a “We Won’t Go Back” ad.

While most liberal bias is blatant, some can be more insidious, because inherent to all liberalism, regardless of genre or venue, is an unrelenting crusade to portray conservatives as idiotic dolts.

Arrogant, self-impressed celebrities like the vulgar Bill Maher, who fancies himself the smartest person in the world, and horn-rimmed actress/comedian Janeane Garofalo, who also sees herself as an intellectual giant, are so convinced of their own brain power that both have forged full-fledged television careers disrespecting the intelligence and religious persuasion of political adversaries.

Ask a politically uninformed person on the street if Sarah Palin is smart, and thanks to 30 Rock star/ comedian Tina Fey’s career-boosting misrepresentation of Sarah’s “I can see Russia” comment, a resounding “No!” is usually accompanied by a sarcastic giggle.

In fact, Tina Fey single-handedly enhanced Saturday Night Live’s ratings by mockingly imitating Sarah Palin’s folksy style and portraying her as an intellectually challenged bubble brain.  Fey prides herself on depicting Sarah as a dim-witted fool.  Tina’s efforts proved so successful that while many people recognize that Palin’s warmth and genuine nature is not a reflection of her intellect, Tina’s merciless efforts convinced far too many people to associate the name ‘Palin’ with idiocy.

Thanks to Hollywood, in the mind of the public, former president George W. Bush has also been reduced to a bumbling ignoramus. Rush Limbaugh, regardless of weight loss and rehab, continues to be depicted as a fat drug addict. The liberal media is even attempting to portray accomplished Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann as a confused, wild-eyed ditz.

On the other hand, when either Bill or Hillary Clinton is mentioned, the overriding liberal media consensus tends to imply: Both are brilliant. As for Michelle Obama, she is not only smart and savvy, she’s a lithe fashion icon with great biceps, while Barack is an outstanding orator with superior intellect who, despite submitting minimal written proof, is perceived by most as a genius – all thanks to the liberal media’s incessant cheerleading.

In the Broadway play “You’re Welcome America,” left coast native and former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell got big laughs at the expense of George W. Bush. Yet Brilliant One Barack in the year 2011 dated his signature in the guest book in Westminster Abbey “2008” a slip-up that went unnoticed on the Hollywood Mock-o-Meter.

Does anyone remember Dan Quayle misspelling potato as “potatoe?” If it had been a prominent conservative that had confused the date, the error would have inspired the dum-dum drumbeat to pound away in primetime for months.

The truth is, Hollywood or otherwise, liberals everywhere perceive themselves as intellectually superior beings.  Those who align with the left do so because in their haughty, deluded minds, liberalism is defined as a cerebral ascent they believe conservatives are incapable of making.  Couple that sentiment with Hollywood’s narcissistic arrogance and the combo makes for television whose goal is to find every opportunity to “enlighten” the uninformed masses by depicting conservatives as liberals perceive them to be – dolts worthy of being laughed at and dismissed.

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