The Bitter Fruit of Caylee’s Death

Originally posted at American Thinker.

The entire time Casey Anthony was on trial, the voices in the media pontificating about justice for the victim didn’t seem to notice the hypocrisy of a group that gives its approbation for the slaughter of thousands every day demanding justice for the wrong suffered by two-year-old Caylee Anthony.

Even still, few would argue that the senseless death of a helpless tot isn’t heartrending.  However, the larger heartbreak is that in a nation that has faithfully sown the culture of death; the idea of a mother wanting to be free from responsibility by taking the life of her offspring is not all that far-fetched.

Whether America believes Casey Anthony is guilty or not is not the issue.  The issue is that no one is totally convinced she didn’t.  Most believe Casey dumped the body of her dead child in a swamp and then for 31 days partied and treated herself to a ‘Beautiful Life’ tattoo while her tiny daughter was decomposing inside a plastic bag.

A mother doing such a thing shouldn’t be surprising, because under the auspices of a woman’s right to ‘privacy’ in 1973, with the passage of Roe v. Wade, child murder officially became legal in America.  Over the next three decades, developing fetuses were reduced to less than human and women were convinced that disposing of unwanted offspring is a commendable goal.

Lest we forget, the value of life in America has been reduced to this motto: “Every child a wanted child.” Clearly, Caylee was unwanted by someone and if Casey took her daughter’s life, she’s no different from women who justify a similar decision as being nothing more than an exercise in ‘reproductive rights.’

For almost 40 years, in sterile environments and with the approbation of the United States legal system, millions of little Caylees have lost their lives.  The only difference between 60 million aborted babies and a little girl with brown curls from Orlando, Florida is that for at least a couple of years Caylee got the chance to color, wear a baseball cap, and swim with Grandma in the family pool.

If Casey Anthony actually did kill her daughter, she joined the ranks of 98% of the women who choose to abort their unborn children for the sake of convenience.  If guilty of the crime for which she was acquitted, single party girl Casey did nothing more than take a little longer to make up her mind about how and when to buy personal freedom in exchange for the life of her child.

Twenty-four months after Casey missed the chance to submit her baby to a partial-birth abortion, the young woman may have decided that it wasn’t too late to take the situation into her own hands. For an immature, narcissistic person like Casey Anthony it’s easy to see how the lines may have become blurred. It’s possible that Casey rationalized that when a woman decides to dispose of a child, what’s a couple of months in either direction.  Six months in utero, 2-½ years’ post-partum, either way it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Furthermore, Ms. Anthony may have been personally persuaded that as long as a heart sticker was over the duct tape that suffocated her daughter, she could party hearty with a clear conscience. It could be that Casey agreed with popular opinion that human life is only fully ‘human’ if a person can survive without depending on another. As a pre-verbal toddler, Caylee certainly couldn’t survive without her mother, and ironically, like so many others before and after her, Caylee very well may have perished because of her mother.

Since Roe v. Wade was decided, the march toward infanticide has been ongoing.  It began with a first trimester cutoff for an abortion; within a few years, women and their doctors became the arbiters of whether or not fully developed children should be granted life or tossed into an incinerator.

The next step was inevitable:  partial-birth abortion became an option to get rid of fully developed, viable human beings. The brutal procedure desensitized the public to pro-choice politicians who vote against giving medical assistance and comfort to dying infants, born alive in botched abortions, to avoid “burdening the original decision” to kill a child.

Therefore, in American society the value of life has eroded to the point where women now give birth in restrooms and dispose of newborns in toilets and sewers, or place lifeless infants like garbage into plastic bags and hide them under beds.  Many of these murdering mothers are then acquitted, much like Casey Anthony, which is indicative of a chilling truth that a mother murdering her own child is not nearly as offensive anymore as a child being murdered by a stranger.

Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder, but her freedom doesn’t erase the fact that Caylee is dead. Regardless of who killed Caylee Anthony, her death was caused by a person who lacked respect for human life. If it was her mother, kudos go to pro-choice America, whose indoctrination has been unrelenting in its effort to convince women that mothers come before children; a woman’s life takes precedence over her offspring; and the right to choose is an honorable objective.

In the end, a two-year-old child was murdered and a mother who appeared guilty was ultimately acquitted.  Also acquitted was a pro-death society largely responsible for not taking into consideration that when life is cheapened we’re all potential victims of someone’s justifiable reason for disposing of us. The sad truth is that in America a seed of death has taken root, and the murder of Caylee Anthony is just one of the many fruits produced on that bitter vine.


Thank you to David N. Bass of American Spectator for sourcing this article in his post today.

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