The Pink Slip President

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In the abysmal economic climate America presently finds itself in, almost no one is immune from unemployment, because joblessness threatens everyone. While Barack Obama duffs around on the golf course, one can’t help but wonder if he fully grasps the fact that, thanks to his own incompetency, the potential to be dismissed from his highly sought-after job is more than a distinct possibility. Except for “saving and creating” jobs for the slew of workers needed to staff the Department of Labor’s unemployment division, Obama continues to singlehandedly undermine both the economy and job creation. Wherever he goes, crowds are waving layoff notices in lieu of the typical “Yes we can” banners Barack Obama is more used to seeing.

If America is the employer, and if polls are the equivalent of a job evaluation, Obama is definitely on probation. In fact, Obama’s discharge papers are already filled out and tacked to the White House door. Rather than respond to the threat by working toward winning the title of “Employee of the Month,” the President is doing everything one should never do when unemployment is a looming likelihood.

Knocking around on the beach when he should have forgone the down time and chosen to stay on the job, the president doesn’t seem to be concerned that within the next year he might find himself in line with unemployed Americans who are stimulating the economy by collecting  jobless benefits.

The truth is, the President interviewed and was hired to a position he had no business applying for in the first place. By electing Barack Obama as President of the United States, America might as well have asked a plumber’s apprentice to do surgery on the nation’s inner ear canal with an auger.

Nobody noticed or cared about Obama’s lack of qualifications because out of nowhere a seemingly elegant oratory genius touting “Hope and Change” showed up at the interview. Candidate Obama had all the buzzwords down pat and said all the right things the right way. The nation was so captivated, no one bothered to call his old employer, do a background check, or question his shady friends or palpable inexperience.

It’s only now that America is slowly coming to realize that Barack Obama might not have been the best choice for the job. After filling the position, one of the President’s responsibilities was to institute policies that stimulate the creation of new jobs, and he claimed to have a laser-like focus on doing just that. Yet, over the past three years, the only thing Barack Obama has successfully done is break the all time record for the number of golf games played by a sitting president.

As the economy and job market continue to deteriorate and a lock is about to be put on the door of the greatest nation in the world, Obama, while still immersed in intensive on-the-job training, has been commissioned to present and implement a plan to address unemployment and the country’s economic future.

Instead of meeting the target and throwing himself on the mercy of a nation running out of patience, the President placed America on hold and decided it was a perfect time to take a much-deserved summer break. The ultimate non-vetted employee skipped out for ten days, leaving a stunned America staring open-mouthed at an empty podium.

In a shaky job market, the last thing a person fortunate enough to have a job should do mid-discussion is push away from the conference table, point to their watch, and announce to the group, “Sorry guys, I really have to run, it’s time for my vacation.” Yet that is exactly what Barack Obama did.

With no job plan to speak of, the President chose instead to fly around on a company-funded plane, play lots of golf, munch on buttered corn and Cape Cod lobster rolls, and relax for a couple of weeks while the winds blow and the earth shakes below the nation’s feet, both literally and figuratively.

Obviously, the President is unaware or could not care less that when a person’s career is on the line, they should make an extra effort to arrive to work early, perform their job with renewed vigor and diligence, and be both accommodating and cooperative. What is perplexing is how Obama’s response to the possibility of being unemployed is the opposite of what people do when they’re worried they may be  fired.

Barack Obama’s chichi vacation may have sealed the deal and his temporary employment contract is not likely to be renewed. Obama may be enjoying family time on Martha’s Vineyard right now, but when the President returns to Washington he may be astounded to find out that the mail bin that was just sitting outside the Oval Office door last week has been placed inside and awaits him filling it with the contents of his desk.

The President acts as if he’s immune to being sent packing a la Jimmy Carter and that without ramifications he can fritter away time doing the equivalent of spending the work day with his feet up on the desk, laughing hysterically while having non-work-related discussions on the company phone.

It’s either that, or Barack isn’t worried, because after he returns from vacation he may have plans to rip up the pink slip and refuse to leave the position even after his four-year contract is up.

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