Madonna Feels the Same Intrusion She Foisted on Parents for Years

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When it comes to Lourdes, Rocco, David, and Mercy, their mother Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone has quite a different view on what they should be exposed to, which is ironic considering what the decadent diva of debauchery eagerly imposed on a generation of naïve children.

Pop icon Madonna made a name for herself by exploiting her sexuality, celebrating the loss of cherished virginity, hitchhiking in the nude, and singing songs with explicit, blasphemous lyrics. She did so caring little about how impressionable children would be tainted by her morally corrupt influence.

Then, when Madonna became a mother herself, she banned television and magazines in her home. To shield her kids from the pornographic obscenity she promoted in the book Sex, and in an effort to preserve their purity, Madonna penned wholesome children’s books like Mr. Peabody’s Apples and The Adventures of Abdi.

Over the years, Madonna has transformed herself over and over again, first into a sadomasochistic sex slave, channeled Evita Perón to the point of naming her daughter Lourdes, married Guy Ritchie, adopted a British accent, and moved to the English countryside. She’s taken the Hebrew Kabala name Esther and joined the Angelina Jolie/Sandra Bullock/Mariska Hargitay adopt-a-black-baby club. Now, she’s settled into middle-aged doting mother mode.

Like any parent, with family safety and well-being the priority, Madonna was “alarmed and distressed” when earlier this year, a Polish national named Grzegorz Matlok broke into the star’s London townhouse.Thankfully, Matlok was arrested after he was “allegedly discovered in the singer’s home, nine months after breaking into the country house she shared with ex-husband Guy Ritchie.”

Recently, at England’s Southwark Crown Court, Madonna, a woman who has spent her entire career leaving parents around the world concerned for their daughters’ developing morality, read a victim impact statement, saying that the scary stalker incident was “extremely unsettling.” Madonna shared with the court that “I do not know the defendant, have never had any relationship with the defendant. I have never had any contact with the defendant, either by phone or by email, or any other way. I have never given him permission to enter the premises or any of my other premises.”

How ironic. For 30 years, by way of her music, videos, coffee table pornography, and obscene displays such as French-kissing Britney Spears at the Grammy awards, Madonna – without permission, “either by phone or email, or any other way” – felt comfortable entering uninvited into the hearts and minds of millions of gullible adolescents.

Understandably, the ex- Mrs. Ritchie felt “alarmed and distressed by the actions of the defendant.” Expressing vulnerability, Madonna said that “It’s extremely unsettling to know that despite the extensive security I have he [was] able to break in to two residential properties owned by me.”

Tell us about it, Madonna. That anxious feeling is quite familiar to parents unable to protect their preteen daughters who could be heard singing “Papa Don’t Preach” or devout parents whose children lost respect for the Catholic Church thanks to the blasphemy portrayed in “Like a Prayer.”

Madonna told the court that she felt “alarmed and distressed by the [perpetrator’s] actions” and was worried about the “safety of [her] children, all of [whom are] under 18.”

Well, talk about Madonna getting in touch with what it feels like for a parent struggling not to “Let Down [Their] Guard” only to have the emotional, physical and developmental integrity of their children exploited by a stranger with an unending drive to attain fame and fortune.

If placed on trial like Matlok, who “admitted burgling Madonna’s office in London … but denied two charges of burglary relating to her house,” Madonna would likely admit that her vulgar actions did have a harmful influence on young psyches, but would deny any accusation that she purposely robbed children of their innocence.

By attempting to shield her young family from violation, Madonna’s protectiveness proves she was well aware of the damage she thoughtlessly caused for almost three decades. Yet, to date, the music legend has never offered an apology to either parents or the children who, thanks to her, were “Burning Up” long before their time.

Thankfully, Matlok will no longer be a threat and was “locked up indefinitely under the Mental Health Act after doctors found he posed a ‘serious risk’ to Madonna.” Thus, the pop star can rest easy knowing that a person who entered uninvited into her home and threatened the safety of her children can no longer menace her or her family, a luxury parents all over the world were never afforded when it came to protecting their children from a dangerous intruder named Madonna.

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