Bo the Flying ‘Underdog’?

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Some poor citizen named Scott Miscovich sought 15 minutes of fame when he decided to tell the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that his wife spotted Bo, the Obama family dog, out walking in Hawaii last weekend.  Scott, who lives down the street from the Obama vacation rental home on Kailuana Place, told the Star-Advertiser Sunday that “My wife saw Michelle and the kids passing by and we’ve seen Bo (the Obamas’ dog) walking.”

The gossipy moment has now sparked controversy, because the same jet-setting pooch seen walking in Oahu became the center of attention while chew-toy shopping with President Obama at a Virginia PetSmart mid-week. Unless Michelle Obama managed to broker an economical AF2-for-the-price-of-one deal to shuttle herself and the dog between Hawaii and Washington DC, something could be up.

Far be it from anyone to accuse the President of staging a middle-class shopping mall photo op during a “What does $40 mean to you?” campaign.  But Bo, who was born and raised in Washington DC and who, as far as we know doesn’t have a twin, apparently showed up in Hawaii on vacation and then back home shopping in PetSmart a few days later.

Even Washington bureau chief Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times in her Obama update last weekend said:  “WASHINGTON–While President Obama delayed his departure to wrestle with Congress, First Lady Michelle, daughters Malia, 13, Sasha, 10 and Bo the dog flew to Hawaii for their annual winter vacation.”

The Hawaii Vacation Blog that touts: ” We’re in Hawaii. Hawaii Experts” were also all jumbled up saying: “First Lady Michelle Obama, their two daughters and (one lucky) dog Bo, arrived Saturday to the five-bedroom Kailua rental home.”

Wow! Misinformation, confusion, and vision maladies are abounding in Washington DC, Chicago, and even Oahu, Hawaii this Christmas. Michelle Obama’s press office, who earlier had said “Bo would be leaving with the First Lady and her girls for their Hawaii holiday last Saturday” must have missed Sweet’s Sun Times Scoop from Washington entitled: Michelle Obama, Sasha, Malia and Bo Hawaii vacation update. 

Lynn Sweet and a White House spokesperson have since corrected their error by clarifying that this year, unlike last year, Bo did not travel to Hawaii with the first lady and daughters Malia and Sasha. The official statement is that “Bo has been in D.C. this whole time” and remained behind providing canine companionship to the other B.O. who has also been in D.C. the whole time.

Back in Hawaii, stepping forward yet a second time, Mr. Miscovich set about clearing up the whole mix-up.  On behalf of his eye witness wife, Scott said, “It is now clear my wife saw another black dog walking in our neighborhood. We would like to apologize to Bo and the Obama family for any inconvenience this may have caused them. We would also like to wish them a peaceful and Merry Christmas.”

Originally, when asked about the honor of having the Obamas curb their dog on Kailuana Place, Miscovich said, “From our standpoint, it’s not a headache.” After being forced to publically withdraw the incorrect dog sighting, I wonder whether Scott and his visually-impaired other half are still headache free.

So there you have it: Mrs. Miscovich mistook a different tall African American woman and her two daughters walking a black Portuguese water dog, trailed by Secret Service men, on the same street where Mrs. Obama, Sasha and Malia are coincidentally staying…to be Mrs. Obama, her daughters and Bo.

If what Mr. Miscovich claims is true and “media and security presence in the area has so far been ‘very subtle’,” someone either needs to produce a tabloid-style photo of the Obama contingency walking the dog a la John Edwards in a hotel room with Rielle Hunter, or drop the whole to-do.

In a recent Barbara Walters interview, Michelle Obama said: “if she were to die and come back as any person or thing, she would pick the First Dog, Bo.” Mrs. Obama who, flies back and forth to Hawaii and has got it pretty good herself, said about Bo: ‘He’s got a great life. He’s got it good.’ But, if by some chance Mrs. Miscovich really did see Bo walking in Hawaii, it means Bo may be the one who was reincarnated.

Indeed, black and white Bo may be the re-embodiment of ‘Underdog‘ and merely flew back to Washington DC to rescue another underdog from political payroll tax ruin, either that or the President believes the American taxpayer doesn’t mind kicking in another $100K to fly a dog home to demonstrate how much $40 means to a middle-class minded man like Barack Obama.

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