Does Barack Obama Survive Because He’s Unfit?

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According to a fired-up President, “We are not a country that was built on the idea of survival of the fittest.” Oh! So that’s how Barack Obama managed to become President of the United States.

A little less gray than he was when he “reached out” last week via live video to Democratic Iowa caucus-goers, this time at a Capital Hilton fundraiser in Washington DC Obama reached into the pockets of 700 people and pulled out 100 bucks a head.

Commencing with the first campaign speech of the season, Obama defended big, bloated, bureaucratic government and censured what he called Republicans’ “brand of you’re-on-your-own economics.”  In other words, the President registered his disapproval of liberty, individualism, and industriousness, and applauded the progression of collective weakness rather than job-creating small business by promoting economic policies that have been proven to fail.

Advancing the idea of communal mediocrity, Barack Obama pushed his interpretation of American history saying: “We are not a country that was built on the idea of survival of the fittest.”

In the minds of big-government liberals like Obama, fairness means the fittest must be weighed down by the motionless mass of dead weight – the best and brightest submitting hard work and effort to a parasitical entitlement mentality Obama feeds when he says, “We thrive when we work together, all of us.”

All that aside, isn’t Obama’s premise a bit of a problem for someone who is asking for money to run for an office he wants everyone to believe he’s the best suited for?  Here is a man who just last week told America that he couldn’t work with Congress and plans to do things on his own.  This week he’s asking for money and blathering on about thriving by working together.

President Obama’s self-perceived problem is that he cannot work with others because he’s smarter, better, and has a vision superior to everyone else’s.  But Mr. Obama shouldn’t ask for monetary support if he’s going to promote his own competence above all others while at the same time talking down individual excellence, or telling supporters that working together is what benefits the nation while he digs in and refuses to work with other branches of government.

This guy is embarking on an alleged billion-dollar presidential reelection campaign and he chooses to get the ball rolling by telling Democrats, who tend to be confused already, that they should invest in him because he’s the best – the fittest, as it were – and then, almost in the same breath, saying that in America the fittest shouldn’t survive?

And so as the 2012 campaign season starts, those 700 people should immediately ask for their $100 back, because either Obama is even more confused than they are, or he has no idea how absurdly contradictory his statements are; it’s as though he’s trying to solicit votes for himself by telling voters he’s the worst person for the job.

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