Nancy Pelosi: Vicar of Contraception

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Part-time theologian/full-time liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi is pontificating about Catholic doctrine again. During a speaking engagement at Texas A&M this week, the House Minority Leader reminded the audience that the Catholic Church has been derelict in its duty to enforce its teaching on birth control. For the record, the Catholic Church does sanction birth control in the form of “natural family planning,” or what is called the rhythm method.  What the church does not condone is birth control that destroys life or prevents conception.

Justifying the federal government’s diktat on contraception and abortion, Pelosi, mother of five and a Catholic herself, has concluded that the church has no right to balk because thus far, when it comes to reproductive matters the Catholic church has not policed parishioners properly.

According to Nancy “Ninety-eight percent of women in childbearing age that are Catholic use contraception. So, in practice the church has not enforced this and now they want the federal government and private insurance to enforce it. It just isn’t consistent to me.”

The House Minority leader, who identifies herself as a “devout Catholic” and a woman who “honors and loves” her faith, is at odds with Catholicism because Catholics “have this conscience thing.’’ Pelosi insists that pesky “conscience” things “put women at physical risk.”

Contrary to Pope Benedict XVI, it seems that Pelosi, a kindly grandmother of eight, is convinced that papal refusal to condone exterminating the unborn translates into women “dying on the floor.”

Does the House Minority Leader of the party that condones handing out condoms to elementary school children – because kids have sex anyhow – also believe that the Catholic Church has a method to “enforce” upon those in the pew who can and cannot use contraception?  How, pray tell, can parish priests keep the 31.3% of women who get abortions from destroying their children?  Should Father So-and-So spend all day stalking abortion clinics and monitoring pharmacies to see who is filling prescriptions for birth control- and morning-after pills?

Because it’s impossible to enforce certain teachings, is Nancy Pelosi suggesting the Catholic faith relinquish moral stances and acquiesce to doctrinal disobedience by joining the federal government in handing out clean needles to Catholic drug addicts too?

The minority leader’s premise is sort of like saying that just because border patrol has not been adequately able to enforce America’s laws, the government should force ICE agents to pick up Mexican travelers in luxury tour buses and happily drop them off north of the border.

Nancy Pelosi’s brilliant insights came when queried about the controversy surrounding the Obama administration’s requirement that Catholic institutions join the rest of America in providing health insurance for employees that covers sterilization, contraception and abortion, even though doing so offends church teaching as well as personal conscience.

Although all 181 United States Catholic bishops denounced the mandates issued by the Obama administration and have called the dictatorial action “an unprecedented attack on religious freedom,” Pelosi must feel that she, in conjunction with the President, should have the final say.

On behalf of the Catholic Church, Democrats have officially granted dispensation to renegade churchgoers by saying that religious institutions should step aside and submit to government edicts that allow man’s innate propensity toward insubordination to prescribe the canon of the church.

Pelosi contends that “Whatever my personal beliefs or my personal upbringing are on this subject everyone has their own responsibility in terms of the size and the rest of their family. So, I think this should be removed from the debate, it’s inflammatory–misrepresentations are made.”

Therefore, in the Democrat catechism, alleged “inflammatory… misrepresentations” trump feticide in the ongoing religious dispute. In other words, self-appointed Vicar of Contraception Pelosi, together with Archbishop of Abortion Obama, has now assumed the esteemed title of Spiritual Conscience of America.

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