No uncredentialed children on the Democratic convention floor

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Liberal women are funny.  Not in a weird way; in a funny ha-ha way.  Why? Because the Democratic National Committee is sponsoring a convention in Charlotte, N.C. and the same females who applaud the Democrat stand on abortion are now up in arms because organizers are banning children from the pro-choice festivities.

The Charlotte Observer reports that “children will not be allowed access on the floor of the Democratic National Convention,” and that “daycare will not be provided for delegates who bring their kids.”

Do liberal women need to be reminded that the Democratic Party isn’t exactly a child-friendly entity? This is a group of people whose greatest success over the last three decades is managing to promote and assist in the destruction in 60 million tiny human beings.

Hearing pro-choice women’s rights activist Gloria Steinem and a handful of abortion-loving NOW chapters accuse the DNC of “discrimination against mothers with young children” is downright confusing.

Gloria Steinem is the woman who coined the term “reproductive freedom.” Now she’s saying that “Women are the key to a Democratic victory, and sometimes, children are the key to women.” In order to maintain her “reproductive freedom” credibility, Ms. Steinem was careful to insert the word “sometimes.”

Nevertheless, the question that needs to be answered at this late date is: Why is Gloria Steinem suggesting that something besides free contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion is the key to wooing women and ensuring a Democrat victory?

Whatever the answer, Gloria believes “It’s both right and smart for the Democratic Convention to behave as if children exist.”  Lest we forget, this is the woman that insisted that the right to abortion is a bigger health issue than breast cancer. Now she’s asking for an arena full of liberals to “behave as if children exist?”

Delegate Susie Shannon, who likely supports the Democrat pro-choice platform, feels the “DNC is putting her in a tough position because she is bringing her 4-year-old along.”

Shannon said “The Democratic Party shouldn’t put you in a position where you have to choose between your child and participating in a political convention.”  Why not?  Hasn’t the Democratic Party, above all, earned the right to exercise choice?  Think of it this way, the Democrats are aborting children from the convention.

Furthermore, it could be that the DNC, in conjunction with Planned Parenthood, may think that refusing to supply childcare and making delegates “choose between [a] child and participating in a political convention,” might contribute to an uptick in business for the abortion provider prior to September 2016.

A Democrat Convention spokeswoman reminded perturbed delegates that there is a “list of private child care providers on an official vendor directory,” and that “facilities are being provided for nursing mothers.” For those upset about the “anti-mom” amenities, apparently nursing mothers’ accommodations aren’t woman-friendly enough.

Reminiscent of back-alley abortion rhetoric, Zoe Nicholson, president of the Pacific Shore NOW chapter, called for the DNC to end the “outdated practice” of not providing for unaborted youngsters.  That’s a stretch – demanding of a political party whose policy is to dispose of inconvenient babies that they accommodate uninvited children.

Zoe accused Democrats of discrimination, saying, “We believe this practice of discrimination needs to end in 2012.  This is the year for the Democratic leadership to demonstrate comprehensive support of women, ending this outdated practice and to state publicly that it supports true family values.”

Sorry Zoe, but asking the Democratic Party to support family values is like asking a vegan to dig into a juicy steak.

Maybe Steinem and NOW should consider the possibility that having little kiddies merrily running around or tiny cherubs wailing for a bottle, all burping, smiling and waving to convention goers, might make some of the women uneasy.

Let’s face it, listening to NARAL president Nancy Keenan militantly extol the virtues of abortion on demand while infants nap curled up in their mother’s arms would introduce an awkward dynamic into an otherwise festive atmosphere.

It’s bad enough that when Roe v. Wade is celebrated, it may be hard to distract delegates 38-years-old or younger that those born after 1973 stood a chance of missing out on an opportunity in 2012 to nominate a man who would have heartily supported a mother’s decision to abort them.

With that in mind, in lieu of welcoming in the children, a more appropriate idea might be to accommodate the needs of female convention goers by parking a pink Planned Parenthood mobile clinic on the curb outside the Time Warner Cable Arena.


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