There’s No ‘Excuse’ for the Gang of Eight

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Announce Major Agreement On Immigration ReformOriginally posted at American Thinker. blog

Following the Boston Marathon bombing, Candy Crowley of CNN’s State of the Union Sunday show hosted one quarter of the Gang of Eight: Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and the always charming and alluring Democrat from New York, Charles ‘Chucky’ Schumer.  Other gang members like Bob ‘Dominican Republic’ Menendez (D-NJ) were missing from the panel.

During the immigration segment, Crowley asked how Tamerlan Tsarnaev being a permanent resident and Dzhokhar a naturalized citizen impacted the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill, saying,  “Do you see anything in the legal immigration system that you now want to go back and say we need to fix this or that and include it in our bill, Senator Graham, you first?”

Sharing a split screen with Schumer, Graham responded by saying he wants to know how, after Tamerlan was “identified as a potential terrorist,” the FBI “dropped the ball.”  Then Graham came up with a brilliant suggestion for something that the House and Senate should have done a decade ago but didn’t when he said, “I think now is the time to bring all the 11 million out of the shadows and find out who they are.”

No offense to Mr. Graham, but it’s hard to imagine that almost 12 years after 9/11 a United States senator would suggest that now is the time to find out more about the millions of people living here illegally.

It gets better.  After admitting that he didn’t know who they are or where they’re hiding out, Sen. Graham then suggested that he does know “Most of them are here to work, but…”

But, like the two Chechens who just blew up 180 people in Boston, killing three and dismembering at least 14, Lindsey believes that “[we] may find some terrorists in our midst who have been hiding in the shadows.”

This might be a dumb question but, despite being offered amnesty, is it possible that illegals with nefarious intentions might want to maintain anonymity?

Moving right along, Lindsey Graham then said something about 9/11 he must have thought we didn’t know: “The 19 hijackers were all students who overstayed their visas and the system didn’t capture that.” By proudly stating that eight senators finally figured out how to track individuals who shouldn’t be here, the senator might not have realized it but, he was also confessing that for eleven years the Senate did nothing about those they knew were plotting against us.

Senator Graham’s final contribution was to slowly point out that “What happened in Boston and international terrorism … should urge us to act quicker, not slower.”

Next up was the shameless opportunist from New York, Senator Charles Schumer. Schumer said, “I agree with Lindsey.” Sorry, but anyone agreeing with Lindsey Graham or Chuck Schumer, even if it’s Lindsey and Chuck doing the agreeing, is downright scary.   What’s even scarier is Chuck Schumer smiling and nodding his head in agreement with Republican Gang of Eight member Marco Rubio.  That right there is a sure sign that Mr. Rubio is wading into dangerous territory.

As if anyone could stop him, Schumer, a man notorious for never shutting up, requested permission to “say a couple of things.” Chuck insisted that the Gang of Eight bill, which is being criticized for many things, one of which is failing to recognize illegal LGBT families whose heart’s desire is to come out as both gay and illegal, “toughens things up.”

Schumer also pledged that, unless their last name is Tsarnaev, “Illegal immigrants with serious criminal backgrounds or those who pose a threat to national security will not be able to attain [legal] status.” Split-screen Schumer then said, “And in fact asylum, which the Tsarnaev family came here on, was greatly toughened up a few years after. They might not have gotten asylum under the present law.” Chucky apparently felt that saying “Might not have” was comforting to the Boston bombing victims as well as a reassurance to the general public.

Then, as if it were possible, Schumer made a statement more stunning than Amnesty Grahamnesty, admitting that after 9/11, Ft. Hood and Boston, and after 40 attempted-but-failed terrorist attacks, it’s high time America got serious about finding out who’s here.

Hard-left liberal Chucky, without one flicker of embarrassment, actually said “There are some… hard right, some otherwise, who oppose our immigration bill from the get- go, and they’re using [Boston] as an excuse.”

After two immigrants blew up 180 people at a marathon, Senator Schumer is accusing quick-fix immigration opponents of using tragedy as an “excuse?”  And über-journalist CNN Candy and obviously not “on the hard right” Lindsey sat idly by and let ‘log in his eye’ Schumer accuse political opponents of making “excuses?”

Isn’t Chucky a representative of a political party that is using bereaved family members of the Newtown shooting as an excuse to try to weaken the Second Amendment? Wasn’t it Chuck Schumer who suggested in December on Face the Nation that what happened in Newtown was a “tipping point” and that because children were involved, gun-control advocates may be able to “get something done?”

Excuse-maker Schumer warned:  “[w]e’re not going to let them use what happened in Boston as an excuse because our law toughens things up.” What that means is that Chuck isn’t going to allow anyone other than the master of excuse exploitation, Barack Obama, use catastrophe as a pretext to push unpopular policy.

By utilizing weak excuses to accomplish a punch list of progressive political goals, lefty politicians are now accusing others of using “excuses,” and they do it while Schumer and his excuse-making liberal cohorts whittle away at our Constitutional liberties.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon the American people to impede Democrats and “some otherwise” (like the RINO sharing the split screen with Chuck Schumer) from bamboozling us into allowing their quest for power to destroy this nation.

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