When ‘what goes around comes around’

sowing-and-reaping1The world calls it “What goes around comes around.”  The Bible calls it “Reaping what you sow.”

As a result of unfathomable evil, America has witnessed innocent people suffer grave injuries and a precious child lose his life too soon.

After the fact, the question that should be asked is: what went around that resulted in such a horrendous tragedy coming around? What was sown that has resulted in reaping so much heartbreak?

Following the Boston Marathon bombing, Barack Obama mentioned the “full weight of justice” and finding out “why” the “tragedy” took place.  The problem with the “why” is that the truthful answer to that question would likely be rejected by a nation whose egocentric godlessness may have contributed to the evil sprouting up all around us.

The better question is: could the death and destruction we’re experiencing be a direct result of beckoning murder and iniquity into our midst?

Over the last 40 years, a gruesome procedure called abortion has snatched 60 million human beings from the womb, and the harsh truth is that the decision to do so has certainly plowed the fallow ground and sown the seeds of death.  That sowing has resulted in an alarming yield of misfortune, or in the more familiar vernacular, what’s gone around has come around.

Terrorism, by definition, involves an element of surprise coupled with extreme violence being visited upon the vulnerable.  Terrorism is cruel, cowardly, and driven by a religious fervor that is based on the belief that certain people are unworthy of life.

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