For $8.99 a Copy Mustapha Abdullah Tells All

Arizona native Terry Colin Holdbrooks Jr., aka Mustapha Abdullah, is a former Army specialist who was forced into retirement with an honorable discharge for “generalized personality disorder.”

Son of junkie parents and raised by 1960’s ex-hippie grandparents, Holdbrooks was a heavy drinker, with intentionally disfigured earlobes that he now plugs with large wooden discs. In search of salvation, in 2002 Terry left the life of horror-film fascination, rock music, booze, and tattoo parlors to join the US military.

Originally, the new recruit was stationed with the 253rd Military Police Company, after which he was deployed to Guantánamo Bay as an MP. In a 2009 interview with, Terry claimed he was assigned to the military police because he asked his recruiter “[w]hat is a job that I can do where I can get paid to just kill people?”

Now Holdbrooks is saying that because of what he calls mistreatment of detainees, “Gitmo is 100 percent antithetical to the basis of our legal system” and is “not the America [he] signed up to defend” by “just kill[ing] people.” With that in mind, it would be fair to say that Mr. Holdbrooks arrived at Gitmo with somewhat of a bias.

Nicknamed the “sociopath,” when asked about 9-11 Terry C.’s response was “I thought it was about time America got one- it should’ve happened a long time ago- we’re not untouchable, we’re not some magical country- we’re some high-horse-riding, our s*** don’t stink, unlearned individuals.” As a teenager, Holdbrooks claimed that besides piercing his body, he had searched for truth in different religions.

When he arrived at Gitmo, the atheistic seeker-of-truth was convinced that all monotheistic religions were evil and proved it by having a Nazi SS and “BY DEMONS BE DRIVEN” tattooed on his arm. According to Mr. Holdbrooks, he was drawn to Islam after he allegedly saw “abusive soldiers” force shackled prisoners to defecate on themselves, douse them with cold water, smear them with fake menstrual blood, and force them to listen to rock music while being subjected to strobe lights.

6a00d83451c49a69e201156f2816a7970c-320wiApparently having had no exposure to teenage suicide bombers, when speaking about the injustice of detaining enemy combatants Mr. Holdbrooks shared that “The first thing I saw [at Gitmo] was a kid…I am sitting there thinking, what can he possibly know about the war on terror?” Great question!

Anyway, flattered to be called “the nice MP” by Gitmo detainees, over the course of several months, between escorting prisoners to interrogation, collecting rubbish and making sure detainees weren’t passing notes, Terry chitchatted with the terrorists, read the Qur’an, and disciplined himself to study Islam. Those amicable dealings, along with seeing the prisoners pray five times a day, observing the art of conveying messages with twine, and watching detainees turn peanut butter into body oil earned the terrorists Terry’s admiration.

That’s why, in a midnight ceremony on the floor of Camp Delta, the Guantánamo guard converted to Islam in the presence of detainee #590, Moroccan chef/author Ahmed Errachidi, also known as “the General.” When asked, Ahmed didn’t recall the 2003 encounter where, after reciting the shahada and proclaiming that “there is no God but God and Muhammad is his prophet,” Terry officially transformed into Mustapha Abdullah.

Abdullah now claims that after his life-changing conversion, one squad leader and five guards took him to the living quarters’ yard, yelled at him and asked if he was “switching sides.” Then, he says they throttled his sorry butt for being a traitor. Mustapha Abdullah harbors no anger. Unlike his colleagues in the military, who he describes as “ridiculous Budweiser-drinking, cornbread-fed, tobacco-chewing drunks, racists and bigots” who blindly follow orders, Mustapha is a peaceful and content Muslim.

Describing himself “a slave to what the army wanted me to do,” Holdbrooks maintains that after his discharge he was unable to draw on Islam to rise above his circumstances. Therefore, Mustapha regressed into Terry, divorced his wife, and happily returned to booze, sex, and rock and roll for the next four years. Holdbrooks now blames Guantánamo for his departure from the rich inner life and spiritual independence he claimed attracted him to Islam.

Despite being devout at Guantánamo, back in Phoenix, Terry was “having nightmares about [his] time in Guantánamo…and spent the best part of three years just trying to drink Guantánamo out of [his] mind,” by acting exactly like the drunken souse he was before he was deployed to Gitmo.

Wait! Didn’t Holdbrooks initially become a Muslim after admiring Muslim inmates who professed faith under adversity? Either way, after suffering seizures and a skull fracture that resulted from a fall while on the Islam hiatus, Terry’s addictions landed him in the hospital where he required the insertion of a titanium plate in his head.

Since returning to Islam in 2009, luckily for him the head scar is covered by a kufi cap. Not only that, but since his Muslim rebirth, Mustapha has plenty to say.  On Obama he opined, “I was afraid…and hesitant …with the idea of…intelligent, honest black American…Obama becoming president; the rest of the world, when it comes to politics and economics, it’s used to having a crooked white Christian liar for its face, as president.”

After calling “Papa Bush” a moron and describing Americans as living in their “small little American bubble in the way life’s ‘supposed’ to be- apple pie, Budweiser, Marlboro Reds; let’s get drunk on the floor and populate the world with our dumb children,” the pious holy man thanked his Muslim mentors still in GTMO “for sticking to Islam and leaving it as pure as it should be, and just loving and caring and forgiving.”

Mustapha Abdullah openly spurns Christianity, American history, the ‘Jewish’ diamond business, and materialistic capitalism, but still hopes to share his story in a self-published memoir entitled Traitor? – which sells for $8.99 on Amazon.

In the meantime, when not “loving and caring and forgiving,” outraged speaker, writer, student, and volunteer Mustapha Abdullah is working the media and milking the public speaking circuit, telling the “truth about Gitmo.”


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