GetEQUAL Ellen Saves America from Michelle Obama

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Under most circumstances, Michelle Obama supports lesbians. However, America’s first lady doesn’t put up with being heckled by anyone, even if the person doing the heckling is part of a protected class. After all, didn’t Shelly non-judgmentally demonstrate her support for lesbians when she danced it up with Ellen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show? The first lady is also pro-gay marriage and in almost every public address finds a way to introduce the standard liberal pro-gay slogan: “regardless of whom you love.”

One would think the gay community would view these efforts as commendable. Apparently that’s not the case because, after all of Michelle’s efforts, an ungrateful GetEQUAL activist, later identified by Heather Cronk, co-director of the LGBT rights group GetEQUAL as Ellen Sturtz, caused Mrs. Obama to lose her cool when she heckled her at a $10K per-person fundraiser held at a wealthy lesbian couple’s home in Washington DC.

Ms. Sturtz was riled over Barack’s failure to sign a promised executive order mandating that federal contractors stop discriminating against gays and lesbians. Forgetting all about homosexual etiquette, the first lady responded by publicly scolding Ms. Sturtz and in the process informing the world that when Michelle Obama speaks, you listen – or else!

Maybe Ms. Sturtz missed it, but Michelle commands undivided attention, and after issuing her diktats she demands follow-up obedience. So when Sturtz interrupted the first lady, rather than hear the protester out, Michelle O behaved like a spoiled child and threatened to abandon the festivities.

According to Amanda Terkel of the Huffington Post, a huffy Michelle, who apparently doesn’t realize that there are many, many things she doesn’t do well, responded to the jeering by saying, “One of the things I don’t do well is this.”

Terkel reported that Michelle came out from behind the lectern, “moved over to the protester,” which means she got up in the protester’s face, Chicago-style, and said “Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice … Do you understand?”

Whoa! Although the first lady did respect the coveted liberal right to choose, gone was her usual engaging charm and the unwavering compassion for the alleged oppressive bias LGBT people endure in the workplace. Now either the first lady ate something from the White House garden that didn’t agree with her, or maybe it was the Midol time of the month, but it caused Michelle Obama to expose her normally well-hidden talons.

Sturtz, who paid $500 to attend the function, claimed she was stunned by Obama’s response.  “She came right down in my face. I was taken aback.”

After accepting the first lady’s offer to take the mic, which GetEQUAL Ellen says seemed to agitate Michelle, the crowd “started shouting that they wanted FLOTUS to stay.” According to the pool report, after the edgy interaction Sturtz was promptly ushered out of the event while shouting something like “I’m a lesbian looking for federal equality before I die.”

Based on the way Mrs. Obama reacted to being challenged, another angry outburst like that and GetEQUAL Ellen’s death will become a reality that has nothing to do with a lack of federal equality.

During the exchange, Michelle exposed her inability to quickly compose herself. Consequently, the White House attempted to maintain the first lady’s reputation by omitting the girl-on-girl verbal smack-down from the event’s transcript on the White House website. Keeping up the charade is especially important in light of the scandals that are currently revealing that, try as they might to fake it, neither of the Obamas has an affinity for the First Amendment.

The truth is that the inability to accept criticism is not exclusive to Michelle and Barry. The Obamas are quintessential liberals, and liberals have an aversion to criticism like vampires have an aversion to sunlight.

Leftists like to promote themselves as being all daisies, Patchouli, love, hugs, and compassion – until you cross them. In front of 200 generally like-minded Democratic Party stalwarts when she rudely interrupted the first lady, Ellen Sturtz found that lesbian or not, any jugular in close proximity to a vexed liberal is in extreme danger of being savagely ripped open, in public, whether the mic is on or off.

All Ms. GetEQUAL Ellen was trying to point out was that President Obama failed to stay true to his 2008 campaign promise to issue an executive order forcing (which is something liberals love to do) federal contractors to stop discriminating against gay and transgendered job applicants.

In response to Sturtz’s rancorous protest, Mrs. Obama vigorously protested right back by forcing Ms. Sturtz to either shut up or be responsible for the ramifications of the first lady leaving a gathering attended by large numbers of adoring lesbians. Let’s just say, it could have gotten very ugly.

Mr. Obama also bristles at criticism, and from the looks of things has his own ways of convincing dissenters to shut up. If Barack Obama is among friends and everyone in the bleachers has their FORWARD t-shirts facing the camera and their Big Barack Obama Balloon Hats on straight, all is well. However, for those who cause problems, the president has creative ways to ensure silence.

Even Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu knows that if a person doesn’t agree with Barack Obama, the president will throw a hissy fit, stomp off and abandon the discussion.

With that in mind, Ellen Sturtz may be responsible for exposing something a lot more important than the plight of LGBT federal workers. After the GetEQUAL activist’s outburst, America now knows that talking over the first lady is all it takes to get Michelle “Let’s Move” Obama to leave the stage and discontinue haranguing the nation. Hurray! With that in mind, it’s time for America to join GetEQUAL Ellen, grab the mic, turn up the volume, and refuse to be silenced!


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