‘Africa is Rising’ (America, Not So Much)

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Let’s face it.  Barack Obama is one helluva talker, and while in the process of “fundamentally transforming” the United States onto the path of impoverished Africa, he spent a lot of time on his $100 million expedition lecturing the African people to — among many other things — be wary of leaders that bear a striking resemblance to himself.

Prior to packing up Air Force One like it was the family station wagon with the wife, kids and in-laws for the return flight home, Obama spent the last few days in Africa doling out advice he himself should be taking.

The president even defended the United States against charges of “meddling.”  Obama recognizes that, unlike America where he alone decides what’s good for everyone, only Africans can decide what’s good for Africa. The president accused leaders who charge the U.S. with meddling in Africa’s affairs of employing a tactic he’s noted for, which is changing the subject to distract from other “abuses.”

Among the many interesting exhortations he delivered, one in particular was replete with a number of statements that showed a stunning lack of personal self-awareness.

In a speech at the University of Cape Town in Cape Town, South Africa, Obama warned the people living on the world’s second largest continent that Africa’s potential could only be realized if Africa’s leaders serve the people they lead rather than act like dictators who enrich themselves.

Can anyone say $4,000 per-night hotel rooms? No, wait!  How about a $100 million African getaway while 4th of July fireworks are cancelled and military swimming pools are closed because of sequester and budgetary constraints?

Obama lectured an audience of 1,000 that “In too many countries, the actions of thugs and warlords and human traffickers hold back the promise of Africa.” Not to mention a narcissistic community organizer hooligan currently holding back America, a much less likely victim.

Speaking from his pinnacle of self-declared messiahship, delivered with a tone that hearkened back to the much-lauded speech in 2009 that resulted in a wildly unsuccessful outcome in Cairo, Obama said “America cannot put a stop to these tragedies alone…that is a job for Africans. But we can help you and we will help you.”

Help them?  Does Barry mean “help them” the way he helped finance an “Arab Spring” that resulted in a totalitarian theocracy, two revolutions, one suspended Constitution, and two ousted presidents?

And what is Obama’s proposed cure-all for Africa, exactly? Why, it’s programs that promise to boost electricity by way of kinetically charged soccer balls, and healthcare programs that will address the coming spike in HIV/AIDS cases that’s likely to follow now that Obama has encouraged homosexuality-averse Africa to embrace the gay lifestyle.

In dire need of a huge mirror to preach to himself, freedom-snatching, government-advancing, bureaucratic goon Barack Obama, with a straight face, actually told the audience that “History shows us that progress is only possible where governments exists [sic] to serve their people and not the other way around.”

With the goal to inspire younger Africans, Obama criticized leaders who “steal or kill or disenfranchise voters,” saying that the ultimate lesson of South Africa is that intimidation tactics (which worked so well for him in Philadelphia, thanks to the New Black Panthers), are not acceptable (if they’re taking place in Africa).

Nonetheless, stalwart Cloward-Piven domestic-war-and-mayhem proponent Barack Obama warned the African audience that “So long as parts of Africa continue to be ravaged by war and mayhem, opportunity and democracy cannot take root,” which, here in America, is the primary goal.

Obama also denounced the oppressive rule of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, citing Mugabe’s “promise of liberation” which gave way to the strangely familiar-sounding “corruption of power” and the “social and economic collapse of one of Africa’s most prosperous nations.”

Paying homage to the ailing Nelson Mandela, Obama did not disappoint, including in his tribute a good dose of racial agitation, citing Mandela and other anti-apartheid prisoners who were held on Robben Island, all of whom Obama maintained “refused to yield” to bigoted white minority rule.

While in Pretoria, Barack Obama stressed that “The struggle here against apartheid, for freedom, Madiba’s moral courage, his country’s historic transition to a free and democratic nation, has been a personal inspiration to me.”

Oftentimes in the past Obama has cited Mandela becoming South Africa’s first black president as what motivated him to enter politics and break racial barriers by becoming America’s first bi-racial (rabidly left-wing wealth-redistributing) president.

Excuse me, Mr. President, but with all due respect, Nelson Mandela inspired you to do what?  Struggle against racial harmony and violate your Constitutional oath?  Are you blaming a dying 94-year-old man for inspiring you to fundamentally transform a free nation into a soft tyranny?

On two occasions, once while experiencing a “powerful moment” in Senegal at Gorée Island, and then at Robben Island where Nelson Mandela spent two-thirds of his 27 years in prison, Barack Obama paused for a photo op, putting on his contemplative look.  In one he lingered in the narrow entryway of the “Door of No Return,” and then in the other he stood alone, peering solemnly out the barred window of what was once Mandela’s dank prison cell.

Both times America’s post-racial president, raised in Hawaii and schooled at Columbia and Harvard, seemed to reach deep inside and personally draw upon the storehouse of his own pain by relating to those who were sold by their own people into slavery, as well as those who rose up against an injustice called apartheid.

The irony is that, although “Africa is rising,” if things keep up at the rate they’re going here at home, it will be economically-enslaved Americans gazing out from another “Door of No Return,” having been sold into slavery by one of their own people, namely — Barack Obama.

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