Fans Revive Paula Deen

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Well, knock me over with a “Lady’s Brunch Burger.”

Paula Deen, the shamed Food Network Southern Belle, despite the N-word controversy, has coursed ahead of the competition and is presently ahead of Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin at the topmost spot on Amazon’s sales charts.

Paula’s new cookbook, Paula Deen’s New Testament, which should now perhaps be called Who Not to Hire to Serve Hors d’oeuvres at a ‘True Southern Plantation-style’ Wedding, isn’t due to be released until mid-October.

Seems the public isn’t taking kindly to the celebrity chef being accused of racism for an incident she claims happened 30 years ago, after having a gun put to her head by a customer-turned-bank robber when she was a bank teller.

On Monday Paula’s Biblical cookbook was in the 1,500s on the Amazon list. Then, Ms. Y’all showed up on a skeptical-looking Matt Lauer’s Today Show. Matt pressed her to admit she used the N-word on more than one occasion, which she swore she did not.

newone distraught, the usually bubbly Paula cried and challenged any American who’s never said something they were sorry for saying afterward (which is no one), to throw a stone right at her head, à la Jesus, and the adulterous woman.  By Wednesday, Deen’s book had climbed to No. 18.

Moreover, five of the Top 10 books on Amazon’s “movers and shakers list” that soared to the top in the last 24 hours are all Paula Deen-related, y’all.

As a result of losing her discretion after almost losing her life, Paula now has another gun to her head by a television network full of cheerful chefs who can not only make a mean basil chiffonade, they’re all apparently perfect.

What the Amazon climb to the top indicates is that there’s a huge backlash taking place on Paula’s behalf.  To show their support for the “Dixie Diva,” her fans are symbolically banging frying pans in her defense.

By buying Paula’s book en masse, her fans are telling her critics to sauté lightly, simmer, put it on a skewer, and shove it.

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