Pelosi Shares Profundities With a Five-Year-Old

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Nancy “Women dying on the floor” Pelosi, aka Mimi to her grandchildren, recently had a conversation with her five-year-old grandson that was chock full of Pelosi profundities. This time it was about the unrest in Syria.

According to the House Minority Leader, as she was leaving San Francisco, probably en route to Washington DC to inflict more mayhem, her wide-eyed kindergartener grandson said to her, “Mimi, war with Syria, are you yes war with Syria, no war with Syria?”

In her usual incoherent manner, Granny Pelosi shared that she answered the little rug rat in the following way: “We’re not talking about war; we’re talking about action. Yes war with Syria, no with war in Syria.” Huh?

If the kid wasn’t confused before, “no boots on the ground: word play must have really jumbled his pint-sized brain.

Then, because liberals are the inventors of moral relativism, as if it mattered, Nancy asked the tyke, “Well, what do you think?”

The grandson, who shall remain nameless, said, “I think no war,” which makes sense. After all, the kid has listened to Mimi incessantly spout anti-war rhetoric since the day he was born.

Moreover, seeing as how Grandma has made a complete turnaround on weapons of mass destruction, thank God this kid wasn’t around to see Mimi on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show in 2005 when she said that G.W. Bush had to “make up that story about weapons of mass destruction. Because that was the only thing that would sell to the American people, and that wasn’t true.”

Grandma Nancy shared that she disagreed with the little boy’s “no war” position and told him so, saying, “Well, I generally agree with that but you know they have killed hundreds of children, they’ve killed hundreds of children there.”

Then, Ms. Pelosi forged ahead with her usual duplicity when she pointed out that the frightened child also asked, “Were these children in the United States?”

In an effort to inject empathy into the discussion, Ms. Pelosi informed the petrified scamp that (unless they’re in a medical waste bag at Planned Parenthood), “they’re children wherever they are.”

Wait! Pro-choice Pelosi is all torn up over dead children “wherever they are?” With that in mind, one can’t help but wonder what the son of her child would think if he found out that his gran is a huge proponent of killing 3,000 children a day right here in America.

Either way, smart gavel-swinging grandmas can explain to their grandchildren that going to war is understandable if it’s on behalf of dead children. However, in Nancy Pelosi’s case it was wise that she refrained from sharing with her lil’ guy her belief that killing babies is not only acceptable, its “sacred ground.”

Finishing up her incomprehensible insights into “civilized behavior,” nouveau war-hawk/late-term abortion advocate Nancy Pelosi said this about her chat with her five-year-old grandbaby:”So I don’t know what news he’s listening to or — but even a five year old child has to — you know, with the wisdom of our interest has affected our interests or it affects our interests because, again, it was outside of the circle of civilized behavior.”

So according to Nancy Pelosi, “It was humanity [that] drew a line decades ago that [she] thinks if we ignore, we do so to the peril of many other people who can suffer.” Or something.

Except of course if that line includes Saddam Hussein moving sarin gas across the border into Syria or Americans disposing of the 1.5 million crumpled corpses of aborted babies killed each year. In that case, Nancy needs to differentiate for her grandson how the former was a made-up story about weapons of mass destruction sold to the American people that wasn’t true, and how the latter is a woman’s choice she heartily supports.

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