America Has a Mythomaniac Residing in the White House

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It cannot be denied: the president is ‘more to be pitied than censured.’  It’s clear the man has issues, one of which is an apparent inability to discern truth from fiction — a clear symptom of Mythomania.

Barack Obama is such an excellent liar that it appears he actually believes what he says.

With believable earnestness, Obama swore on September 26th that if Americans liked their insurance they could keep their insurance.  Then, on November 4th, after being caught in a fib, with an equal facade of sincerity Obama calmly added a qualifier to clarify his original ‘misstatement’ and delivered it with a tone and demeanor that wreaked of pathological something or other.

Pathological lying is defined as “falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated,” which certainly describes Obama’s lying, particularly of late in regards to healthcare reform.

As the President’s most recent lie continues to drive his poll numbers into the 30s, it’s hard to deny that political expediency aside, Barack Obama exhibits symptoms of pathological mythomania. And that disorder is akin to pseudologia fantastica – generally known as pathological lying.

It gets worse: based on a mendacious past, Barack Obama also fits the description of a sociopath.

Barack Obama is consistently dishonest, exudes superficial charismatic charm, and always manages to have his ends justify his questionable means. Moreover, President Obama embodies a palpable deep-seated anger, projects the belief that he is “all-powerful, all-knowing [and] entitled to every wish.”

Obama emanates an air of authoritarianism and paranoia, and famously refuses to accept blame for things that are clearly his fault. All these traits, as well as his well-documented narcissism, most assuredly point to a sociopathic personality.

While it’s true that all politicians, including presidents, have some sociopathic tendencies, Barack Obama has raised the bar.  But unlike any president before him, he is consistently more than willing to lie to get his way, regardless of how negatively his lies influence the lives of those whose rights and feelings his fantastical utterances impact.

Nonetheless, it’s likely that in that puffed-up head of his the President justifies lying as a means to accomplish some lofty liberal goal. Which is why, like all practiced liars, Obama always weaves a little truth into every lie.

For example, he morphed ‘like your healthcare…keep your healthcare’ into “What we said was you could keep [your health insurance] if it hadn’t changed since the law was passed.”

It’s interesting to note that in this particular instance, Obama’s ever-present “I” has “fundamentally transformed” into a  “we.”

And so, as Barack Obama continues to compulsively “embroider the truth, engage in exaggeration, [and] tell lies,” it’s become clear that America has a bonafide mythomaniac residing in the White House.

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