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On their first Christmas in the White House, to be more inclusive, it’s alleged Mr. and Mrs. Obama requested the crèche be removed from the East Room.

This year it looks as if healthcare reform has bumped last year’s Christmas star Bo, the Obama family dog, who once had 54 trees to lift his leg on compliments of the American taxpayer.

To mark this holiday season, Organizing for Action (OFA), the nonprofit social welfare organization/community organizing group that promotes all things Barack Obama, has added to the celebratory spirit by advising Americans to gather round the hearth with family and friends to talk about – yep, you guessed it – ObamaCare.

To encourage Americans to do so, the Health Care for the Holidays link welcomes those who don’t know how to talk to their family about health insurance to a website that defines “this holiday season” as a time to make sure family members don’t end up having their chestnuts roasted over a crackling fire after finding themselves out in the cold without healthcare coverage.

Question: Have the Festival of Lights, which used to be about commemorating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem, and Christmas, which used to be about the birth of Jesus Christ, suddenly been downgraded by government fiat to “having the talk” about ObamaCare?

And if they have, why did Michelle Obama recently cut up the rug in the State Room while celebrating the Hindu holiday Diwali, and why does Obama annually host a Muslim Iftar Dinner to break the Ramadan fast?

Regardless of the answer, this year, to mark the time of year when Americans used to be encouraged to celebrate Christian and Jewish holidays, OFA is suggesting that for our own good, rather than singing carols and spinning dreidels, we should surf the Obamacare exchange marketplace and try to access the inaccessible options on a website that, to date, still isn’t working.

The objective of the Health Care for the Holidays public service ad appears to be to remediate Barack Obama’s failed legislation by attempting to dictate what Americans should be discussing while carving up the Christmas turkey.

It gets worse.

The website includes a step-by-step checklist for dummies with tips on the right times and places to discuss healthcare, such as not waiting “until the last minute” and integrating talk of healthcare into family time.

The detailed instructions also recommend honesty, persistence, positivity, and focusing on the benefits of having healthcare.  What it doesn’t mention is the four million Americans who were kicked off their healthcare plans, nor does it feature a photo gallery of those with cancer who, thanks to Obamacare, are now unable to continue treatment.

Sorry, but holidays or no holidays, discussing anything having to do with Barack Obama and honesty in the same conversation just doesn’t jive. Especially when discussing a healthcare reform bill that’s been foisted on the nation against its will by a wealth re-distributor who has been nothing but dishonest about it from the get-go.

This holiday season, if Americans do take OFA’s advice and indulge in honest dialogue about ObamaCare, the result may be torches and shiny pitchforks replacing twinkling white lights on the White House lawn.

Not only that, but Barack Obama and his legion of fanatical shills are again proving that they do not believe Americans are capable of carrying on a conversation without their explicit guidance. All this from a group representing a president, who is not only deceitful, but whose healthcare enrollment website the merrymakers are being encouraged to visit is still an unmitigated disaster.

Either way, some of the most telling suggestions on the Health Care for the Holidays website have to do with broaching “Common Misconceptions.” The two supposed fallacies mentioned are that health insurance is too expensive and the process “too complicated,” both of which they are.

For starters, premiums are higher, and the quality of care is being progressively diminished. Moreover, in the “complicated” department, didn’t Obama recently admit that “Even if we get the site fixed, insurance is complicated to buy?”  Didn’t he say “It is not possible … to guarantee that hundreds of people going on the website will have a seamless process?”

So which is it:  Complicated or uncomplicated?

Either way, in honor of the Christmas season, Americans may hearken back, not to herald angels singing, but to mind-numbed Hollywood actors and actresses taking the ‘Obama pledge.’ Why? Because now there’s a website decorated with festive green and white pixilated snowmen and Band-Aids, and this digital tour culminates in another pledge – this time to “Have the Talk.”

Apparently, offering unsolicited suggestions is not enough for this brood of control freaks. They also demand a pledge.

Forget the inane suggestion that anyone would want to discuss ObamaCare anytime, let alone on Christmas. This effort smacks of irreligious socialists, in the name of caring, hoping to further secularize anything that exhibits even a hint of religious undertone.

In the end, what OFA and Barack Obama need to know is that the greatest gift of this blessed holiday season wouldn’t be for some secular website to insert itself into intimate family celebrations.

The greatest gift would be for the whole ObamaCare fiasco to implode under the weight of its own bureaucratic bombast.


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