In Case You Didn’t Realize It: Barack Obama, the Non-Ideological Ideologue

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Taking the weekend off from the Obamacare disaster, Barack Obama jetted westward aboard Air Force One to beg for money and push for support for immigration reform in the blue states of Washington and California. Stopping off in Seattle, attempting to portray himself as reasonable, Obama said that he is “not a particularly ideological person.”

Sorry, but Barack Obama perceiving himself as non-ideological is like Alec Baldwin believing he’s “not a particularly aggressive person” or Lady Gaga swearing that she only wears sensible shoes.

But then again, maybe the president just doesn’t see himself as being all that sociopolitical. It could be that Barack Obama considers being in favor of big government, massive spending, socialized healthcare, unrestricted abortion, illegal invasion, as well as being non-patriotic and secular all tempered points of view.

While manipulating his Seattle supporters, the president blamed national dissatisfaction, otherwise known as his 37% approval rating, on the NSA spying scandal, gun violence, and ongoing upheaval in the Middle East, none of which he assumes any liability for.

As for the myriad of mishaps that everyone knows he’s responsible for, nary a word.

For example, Obama chose not to talk about his Obamacare lies, the abysmal health insurance marketplace, the website security breaches, and certainly not the five million people, some of whom are gravely ill, who will be canceled from individual insurance plans as of the first of the year.

While on the moneymaking junket, America’s “historic” president also chose not to mention the “historic mistake” his administration just made concerning pre-nuclear Iran. Nor did he broach touchy subjects like the national debt, “Fast and Furious”, the IRS, unemployment figures, or the suspicion that the White House was in cahoots with the Census Bureau, which allegedly “fudged” the job numbers just prior to the 2012 election.

Instead, Obama kept the fundraiser upbeat by steering clear of the 30 million illegals he hopes to beckon out of the shadows, his out-of-control spending, his administration’s lack of transparency, government overreach, or how progressiveness run amok impacts ballooning entitlement programs.

According to Mr. Moderate, the only reason things are not going well right now is because that vexatious House of Representatives insists on obstructing his noble vision to “fundamentally transform” America.

Barack did let on that his dream come true would be for the ideological Republicans to be sent packing, and for the Democrats to regain control of Congress. If such a fantasy should come to pass, Obama believes his self-described pragmatic approach to politics could finally be used to move the nation FORWARD.

If the president had his way, Democrat control of all three branches of government would bring with it the much-needed unanimity he claims the American people long for.

Moreover, one-party rule could pave the way for the socialist-style, non-ideological future Barack Obama envisions. Once and for all, the bane of a contentious three-headed government would be exorcised and Obama could finally institute non-ideological dominion over 300 million people, give or take 14 or 15 million.

So it’s very likely that while Obama is out trawling for cash, on behalf of the common good, the Democrats will spend the better part of next year conjuring a way to finagle a win in the 2014 midterms. That way, their Democrat president will have stripped away all opposition, and have a broad consensus among liberals.

Finally, starting with the 22nd Amendment, the hindrances posed by the pesky U.S. Constitution could also be stripped away, clearing the path for Barack Obama, America’s non-ideological president, to single-handedly create and enforce every law and enact every decree.

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