Joe Biden Cops a Holly Jolly Feel

Joe Biden

Originally posted at The Blacksphere

Joe Biden is at it again! Recently, while taking a photo in front of a Christmas tree and probably after dipping his ladle into the spiked egg nog one too many times, the randy VP put the squeeze on yet another poor defenseless woman.

As luck would have it, like The Letch who Copped a Feel for Christmas, Joe found himself flush up against a young female reporter in a holiday ‘grope’ photo.

Joe must have felt that in lieu of a grab bag, he’d get his holiday goodies by trapping The Hill’s White House Correspondent/Democrat Michelle Obama flack Amie Parnes with a firm grip uncomfortably positioned right below Parnes’ girls.

All in the spirit of innocent good cheer of course, Biden clutched Parnes from behind with his huge, leering grin. Joe then forced the clearly uncomfortable reporter to try to control his wandering hands from inching up from her tummy to her breasts, which is where his lecherous paws appeared to be ‘accidentally’ migrating.

Joe is so good at fumbling for a feel that he’s clever enough to get his jollies in front of the woman’s male companion and oftentimes while standing arm’s length from a clueless Mrs. Biden.

The vice president seems to be immune from criticism, because when he’s not in a boozy state of Christmas cheer, Joe Biden passionately speaks out on behalf of ending rape and sexual violence.

Back in 2011, at the University of New Hampshire, hands-off Biden told male students this:

Look guys – all you guys in the audience – no matter what a girl does, no matter how she’s dressed, no matter how much she’s had to drink – it’s never, never, never, never, never okay to touch her without her consent. This doesn’t make you a man – it makes you a coward. A flat-out coward.

The problem is that Joe doesn’t take his own advice.

In his case it doesn’t matter what he does or how much he’s had to drink, it’s always okay to rub himself against a woman without her consent. And from the looks of things, Joe couldn’t care less how the woman is dressed when he does it.

Joe catches the ladies off-guard, swoops in for a quick feel in such a way that it could easily be interpreted as over-exuberance and affectionate warmth.

That’s what happened to Maine Senator Angus King’s wife, Mary Herman, at a White House ceremonial swearing-in.  Right in front of the woman’s husband, the Veep refused to release Herman from his  grip while she uncomfortably giggled and struggled to break free.

Another time, while on the campaign trail, Joe certainly behaved as if he had been sipping from his flask before stopping in at a diner in Seaman, Ohio, where he was photographed with a female biker perched on what appeared to be his lap. Excluding the two visibly displeased male bikers to his right and his left, Joe leaned in, hands on the female biker’s shoulders, looking like he was whispering off-color jokes in her ear.

Afterwards back out on the campaign trail, it was reported that Joe swooped in and kissed a less-than-glamorous woman on the lips, proving good ole’ Joe isn’t a man that hurts a girl’s feelings by discriminating against a woman based on her age or looks.

Here’s the problem; a six-year-old boy was recently accused of sexual harassment, but an oversexed, over-the-hill pervert ambushes and fondles women and liberals say nothing?

Thus, liberal double standards rear their predictable head.

And here’s the message: despite bad hair plugs and too much Botox, if a sexual harasser is a powerful Democrat and he’s got a high NARAL score, pro-choice females will gladly endure being felt up.

Even if the Vice President takes things way too far, as long as he assures his victim that after he’s done having his way with them they can always have an abortion if necessary, then Joe Biden is free to fondle any liberal woman he can get his mitts on!

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