Homosexual ‘Dreams Come True’ at the Rose Bowl Parade

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This year the theme of the 125th Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California is Dreams Come True. That must be why the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association is embellishing the flower floats and football theme with politics and same-sex marriage.

Typically, the floats in the Tournament of Roses Parade are inspired by the chosen theme, and this year it’s Dreams Come True. In California, where same-sex marriage is legal, a decision was made to muddy up the family event with a heroic gay couple who will exchange marriage vows while riding high atop the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Float.

Come on, people! It’s 2014, and who cares if small children watching the festivities are confused? Who cares if millions of Americans in 30 states where same sex marriage is still illegal are disrespected? What’s important is that homosexuals, who have the right to sponsor their own parade, can remind America again and again that “They’re Here, They’re Queer” and America has no choice but to “Get Used to It.”

Having zero to do with the topic of AIDS healthcare, the AIDS Foundation’s float will be shaped like a cake and titled “Living the Dream: Love Is the Best Protection.” The float’s subject matter was chosen to celebrate gay marriage victories, including the Supreme Court’s repeal of California’s Proposition 8 and the striking down of portions of the Defense of Marriage Act.

So in celebration of the Obama administration’s choice not to defend traditional marriage between one man and one woman, the AIDS Foundation’s float will feature a same-sex wedding cake.

Forgetting football and leaving aside flowers, America’s New Year’s Day celebration will start off by reminding homophobes like Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson – the first overall pick in the 1970 NFL Draft – who will probably tune in to watch the game, that despite his public disapproval, the destruction of the definition of marriage is something he and his archaic opinions have no power stop.

And to drive the point home, two hair salon owners, Danny Leclair and Aubrey Loots, will tie the knot, get oodles of media attention, and send a pro-homosexual message to parade and football fans who just want to see the pretty flowery floats, listen to the marching bands, and marvel at the equestrian riders.

Clearly, the politically correct objective here is to inject highly-charged controversy into what used to be a wholesome family event. In essence, doing so is equivalent to the gay lobby flipping a rose-covered, cake-shaped middle finger at Bible thumpers and traditionalists tuning in who refuse to submit and accept homosexual marriage.

In keeping with that kind of reprehensible beginning, the year 2014 is sure to be chock-full of a multitude of Obamacare horror stories and all sorts of other destructive actions imposed on American culture by Barack “No Matter Who You Love” Obama and his gang of committed militants. Moreover, with such an aggressive agenda to advance, it would be a pity to waste the kind of exposure and approbation that the Rose Bowl Parade offers the homosexual lobby.

So, with that goal in mind, the left can start first thing on New Year’s morning by sullying a century-old American tradition with divisive LGBT messages and inappropriate political grandstanding.


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