The Brother Barack Obama Doesn’t ‘Keep’

Originally posted at American Thinker.

The goal of the president’s newest racially divisive effort, “My Brother’s Keeper,” is to set black and Latino male youth apart from white male youth.  It centers on recruiting businesses and foundations to donate $200 million over five years towards programs that will benefit young males of color.  Apparently, much like Barack Obama’s real brothers, needy boys with little or ‘no color,’ as well women and girls of any color, will have to tough it out on their own.

In the Bible Cain responded to God’s question concerning the whereabouts of the brother he had just murdered with “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Based on his fundamental misunderstanding of the Scripture’s meaning, Barack Obama calling any initiative “My Brother’s Keeper” is like Betty Crocker writing cookbooks while starving her own children.

Why?  Because, besides discriminating as to who is a brother and who is not, this is a man who has several brothers of his own, none of whom he helps, let alone ‘keeps.’

Which makes one wonder, amidst all the photo ops and public displays of altruism, why no one has thought to inquire of the president – a man individually worth $12.2 million – why his sibling George Obama lives like a pauper in an African shantytown? After all, why would Obama advance a program to help strangers he calls “brothers” while one of the men his father sired barely survives in abject poverty?

Nonetheless, with the usual level of hypocrisy masked by high drama, “My Brother’s Keeper” was announced with much fanfare by America’s pro-choice president, who choked back tears while challenging young minority men who wear bulletproof vests to school to make the right choices. 

Description: the East Room of the White House Obama addressed the gathering of boys dressed in crisp white shirts.  The president told them that (besides “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”), helping minority males make the right choice “is as important as any issue that I work on. It’s an issue that goes to the very heart of why I ran for President.”  

On hand for the event was NBA legend Magic Johnson, whose record of right choices includes sleeping with 1,000 or more women, one of whom is probably responsible for imparting to him an HIV-positive status, and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose Nanny State strong-arm tactics help people make the right choices by taking choices away. 

In addition to Fox News Obama enthusiast Bill O’Reilly, also in attendance were former Secretary of State Colin Powell, race-baiter Al Sharpton and former ballerina/9½-fingered former deli meat slicer, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The president told the group:

If America stands for anything, it stands for the opportunity for everybody – the notion of no matter who you are or where you came from or the circumstances under which you were born – if you work hard, if you take responsibility then you can make it in this country.

Unless of course you’re one of the 92 million unemployed Americans who want to take responsibility and “work hard” but can’t, thanks to Barack ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Obama’s job-killing policies.  So where minimum-wage jobs for unskilled youth are going to come from is a question yet to be answered by America’s job creator.

Meanwhile, in a shanty in Nairobi lives Barack Obama’s very own half-brother George, whose wrong choices include spending most of his time drinking a cocktail made with maize and spiked with mind-altering chemicals like embalming fluid.

What’s perplexing is that the initiator of the “My Brother’s Keeper” event is the most powerful man in the world with every resource at his disposal, yet he ignores his own flesh and blood – a minor detail that does not hinder him from holding himself up as an inspiration to those looking for a brotherly role model to emulate. 

According to a White House official, Obama was very emotional talking about growing up without a father, which is exactly how his younger brother grew up after Barack Obama Sr. was killed in a drunk-driving accident the year George was born.

The president told the boys:

I didn’t have a dad in the house. And I was angry about it, even though I didn’t necessarily realize it at the time. I made bad choices. I got high, not always thinking about the harm that it would do.

Obama’s baby brother didn’t have a father either, but he does have a brother old enough to be a father figure to him.  Yet while big brother preaches about being there for boys he doesn’t even know, little brother spends his time slumped over in a corrugated iron hut in a Kenyan slum, drunk on Chang’aa

The president’s youngest brother is 32 years-old, which means that since he was 20 years-old Obama has known about George.  So if the president’s ‘brother’s keeper’ initiative is a lifelong goal, why then, over the last 32 years, has he done nothing to help a member of his own family?

What’s telling is that, although drug- and alcohol-addicted and having no worldly possessions to speak of, George Obama has a vision of his own.  In his memoir Homeland, George, who has nothing to gain from helping others, said something impressive:  “My brother has risen to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Here in Kenya, my aim is to be a leader among the poorest people on Earth: those who live in the slums.” 

In a word: Wow!

Essentially, despite the obvious racially discriminatory aspect of “My Brother’s Keeper,” big brother Barack still fancies himself a mentor to disadvantaged kids, thus the noble outreach to underprivileged boys bussed all the way to Washington DC from the South Side of Chicago. 

But in the end, all those efforts mean nothing because the Lord, like he asked Cain, will surely one day ask Barack, “Where is George thy brother?”  On that day, the president’s answer will be, “I know not: I was too busy being keeper to boys who were not my brother.”


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