Isn’t it Time Republicans Linked the VA Scandal to ObamaCare?

indexOriginally posted at American Thinker.

If liberals deserve kudos for anything, it’s for consistently and successfully politicizing crises, perverting truth, and demonizing political opponents.

Thanks to Rahm Emanuel, America knows that the liberal mindset is to ‘never let a serious crisis to go to waste.’ Democrats are well-practiced at responding to disasters with political campaigns, because as Rahm attested, every calamity is another “opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

A perfect example of the left’s penchant for exploiting misfortune is their obsession with gun control. 

A madman shoots up a movie theatre, school, or supermarket parking lot, and instantly the liberals attempt to influence public opinion by redefining a mentally ill person with evil intent as a need for the Second Amendment to be dismantled. 

And it works!

Democrats have done the same thing with immigration reform. In order to ‘do things they didn’t think they could do before,’ which is to widen their voting base by granting amnesty to anywhere from 11- to 30 million unlawful aliens, the left has taken an illegal incursion and turned it into an American racism problem. 

Disagree with amnesty and you’re branded a xenophobe.

On the other hand, feckless elected Republicans consistently fail to recognize the repeated God-given opportunities they’ve been given to shed light on the truth the left distorts for political gain. 

Liberals politicize disasters to advance an ideological position, and conservatives squander opportunities to rescue from exploitation policies that are detrimental to the future and wellbeing of the American people.

A glaring example of Republican failure to recognize a perfect opening to remedy a negative situation concerns the VA scandal and how it relates to the foreseeable fiasco of Obamacare.  

The VA scandal, without question, exposes the federal government’s incompetence to manage anything, most especially healthcare

In the midst of the implementation of ObamaCare, which is highly unpopular and doomed to failure, without the assistance of Republicans in Congress an argument for repeal is being made on the public stage via a VA-orchestrated debacle.

Yet, for some unknown reason, probably out of fear of politicizing a scandal involving America’s vets, Republican representatives have chosen not to link this healthcare scandal to ObamaCare with the same fervor exhibited by the left when tethering mental illness to gun control, illegal immigration to racism, and extortion to fairness. 

Let’s remember that it was Nancy Pelosi who did not hesitate to tie GOP refusal to fund ObamaCare abortion coverage to ‘women dying on the floor.’

With that in mind, why haven’t the Republicans in Washington inquired as to why liberals who claim they don’t like it when guns kill people seem fine when socialized medicine does the killing?

Rest assured, if the shoddy medical care that America’s veterans received from the Veteran’s Administration had been disclosed as the result of an official pilot study to test the feasibility and logistics of a large-scale government-run healthcare system, ObamaCare would never have seen the light of day.

Moreover, if it were Democrats who were looking to advance a policy initiative, based on the deficiencies that came to light as a result of the preventable deaths of 40 veterans in a Phoenix VA hospital, the VA scandal would have become the liberals’ number one tool of accusation and exploitation.

Still, Americans deserve an answer as to why, based on the findings of that unofficial VA ‘pilot’ study, the GOP refuses to use that specific example of bureaucratic failure to demand that ObamaCare be irrevocably repealed.

But despite the obvious ‘teachable moment’ presenting itself that exposes the weaknesses intrinsic to government-run healthcare, Republicans, appalled as they say they are, choose to keep separate two issues that are really one and the same.

At this critical juncture, how easy would it be to reaffirm the left’s exploitation of 30 million Americans without health insurance merely to justify the weak argument that the American healthcare system needs socializing, which the VA has proven doesn’t work? 

And why not hammer home the point that the microcosm of the system Barack Obama touts as the answer to 300 million Americans’ healthcare woes has proven to be incapable of caring for at minimum 40 dead veterans who suffered and died needlessly while waiting for months on a secret list?

Instead, rather than point out what is powerfully evident and use the VA scandal as a platform to demand the repeal of ObamaCare, the right says and does nothing.

If this were a perfect world, regardless of party affiliation, honest politicians would lay bare the lies and tricks associated with any occurrence that the left uses to further their cause and demonize their opposition.  Then, rather than remain silent, they would actively focus on what the left has perverted and expose the truth of each individual issue. 

That’s why, if the fortuitously-timed death of poet Maya Angelou fails to provide the week-long cry fest Barack Obama has been praying for, the right should waste no time attaching the small-scale VA scandal to the impending large-scale catastrophe that is sure to accompany the full implementation of ObamaCare. 

But they won’t.

Unfortunately, what’s more likely to happen instead is that, to the detriment of the American people, while capitulating to every liberal demand, John ‘we’ve let them die’ Boehner and his passively complicit posse of pseudo-conservatives will continue throwing their hands up in resignation that ObamaCare will never be repealed.

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