Michelle Obama a Senator from Illinois?

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After Michelle and Barry leave the White House – if they leave the White House, which is certainly up in the air – there are rumors afoot that they may emulate Bill and Hillary and take up residence as far away from each other as humanly possible.  To add intrigue to connubial conjecture, it is also alleged that Michelle may do a Hillary Clinton and run for a Senate seat in Illinois.

Speculation abounds that when she’s not “playing politics with our kid’s health,” doing the Dougie on late-night talk shows, vacationing with mom and the girls, scolding schools begging to opt out of her vegetarian stuffed cabbage lunch, or giving hubby the ole stink eye, Shelley has her other eye on a seat in the Illinois senate.

It is already firmly established that Michelle Obama relishes the trappings of power, frittering away tax dollars, and bossing large numbers of people around.  Moreover, if she makes her mind up about something, she absolutely refuses to take “no” for an answer, so it makes sense she’d want to embark on a political career of her own.

To date, just like Hillary Clinton has not officially expressed interest in parking her pantsuit in the Oval Office, the FLOTUS has not officially expressed interest in running for the Senate.

However, her recent foray into politics has Washington, D.C. tongues wagging.  After all, Michelle has taken a diplomatic trip to China and debated (more like berated) Republicans critical of her overbearing, bad-tasting, calorie-deficient school lunch program.  Michelle has raised beaucoup bucks for Democrats and sent personal #hashtag messages to Boko Haram. 

All in all, with those kinds of credentials the FLOTUS has much more experience than her husband had in 2008 when he decided to run for president and “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

If Michelle were to decide to dip her size 11.5 feet into the political waters in 2016 and attempt to unseat Republican Mark Kirk, according to a Public Polling Policy survey she’s got a good shot.  The survey says Mrs. Obama would pick up 51 percent of the vote, Kirk 40 percent.

As an added bonus, if senatorial hopeful LaVaughn-Robinson-Obama does decide to run, Illinois resident Oprah Winfrey will have her back, and, unlike Hillary, the South Side, Chicago native won’t have to resort to wasting time and possibly a full-term carpet-bagging in a blue state.

Regardless of whether she runs and decides to dedicate herself full-time to fostering racial animosity and furthering the socialist agenda, what’s unique about the idea is that Michelle could surpass both Hillary and Barack in the first politically correct president realm. 

In 2016, Grandma Hillary Clinton is planning on smashing through the “highest hardest glass ceiling” and replacing our first biracial president to become America’s first baby-boomer former first lady to be elected president for two – count ’em, two – long, grueling terms.  

Then, in 2024, with the help of illegal aliens, ex-ACORN community organizers, and the New Black Panthers, Michelle, who will be 60 years old by then and probably a grandmother herself, could become our very first former best-dressed first lady/African-American female president.

So America has 16 years of exciting political possibilities ahead.  After Barack Obama leaves town – if he leaves town – President Clinton and her dashing First Gentleman (ahem) Bill hope to grace 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again with their glorious selves for another fabulous eight years.  If America survives those two terms, Hillary could very well be followed by Illinois senator/prospective presidential hopeful Michelle, who, if she runs and wins, would move back into the White House with Mr. “Fundamental Transformation” himself, Barack – and really finish us off.

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