Nancy Pelosi,’Crisis Opportunist’ Spokesperson

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When the former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that the concocted crisis on the border in Texas, which she described as a “community with a border going through it,” should be viewed as an “opportunity,” she publicly confirmed the suspicion that Democrats are indeed ‘crisis opportunists.’

Dressed in a lavender outfit similar to the one she wore to go with her enormous healthcare gavel, Nancy ventured to Texas to tour the Border Patrol facility with Congressman Filemon Vela (D-TX 34th District). 

Currently, Brownsville, Texas is home to an overcrowded refugee camp for the future Democratic voters Nancy refers to as “newcomers,” who, just as the amnesty debate heated up, coincidentally chose to flee the violence in Central America that has been ragingfor years.

Speaking at the Brownsville Events Center press conference, Pelosi pointed out that “while some may have tried to politicize” the humanitarian crisis, she has not, and that “this is not about an issue, it’s about a value and it’s a value that… all Americans share.”

Nancy Pelosi chiding political opponents for politicizing an issue is like Madonna scolding Lady Gaga for being a shameless exhibitionist. Especially when, during the press conference, the minority speaker asked, “Can we just have a woman ask a question?  Because we do have to go, but not before we hear from a woman.” 

Or, better yet, when Nancy pointed out that “In Central America and especially El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras…There is tremendous violence and it is threatening… young girls in particular.” Why hasn’t Mrs. Pelosi ever considered addressing the violence that “young girls in particular,” or any Christians for that matter, experience in the Middle East? 

Still, one has to hand it to Nancy, because when it comes to amnesty, at least she’s straight on the “You never let a serious crisis go to waste” meme.

Where Nancy gets tangled up is when it comes to the Democrats’ favorite prop: the children. The California congresswoman veers way off course when she switches from fighting for funding to abort some children and then starts talking about “decency” toward all children.

Referring to her whirlwind tour of the border facility, Nancy had this to say:

What we just saw was so stunning that if you believe as we do that every child, every person has a spark of divinity in them and is therefore worthy of respect what we saw in those rooms was dazzling, sparkling array of God’s children worthy of respect.

Pro-abortion liberals like Nancy lobby for abortion using the argument that unwanted, sick children are unworthy of life. Now Mrs. Pelosi has a broken heart over sick unwanted children in a refugee housing facility and is reminding America that “every child, every person has a spark of divinity in them and is therefore worthy of respect?” 

Question for Nancy Pelosi: Do those “values” only apply when a child is conceived anywhere other than the U.S. and not susceptible to an American woman’s right to choose?  Because, based on the left’s longstanding position on abortion, “sparks of divinity” and “lives worthy of respect” apparently do not apply to “every child.”

Nancy Pelosi once called late-term abortion “sacred ground,” and in the past rejected the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion, calling Priest for Life Fr. Frank Pavone “hysterical.”

Yet when it comes to amnesty, Nancy cleaves to the pro-amnesty statement of the Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)and lauds Sister Norma Pimentel, a member of the Missionaries of Jesus who, as executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, advocates for children both in and out of the womb.

On one hand, Nancy Pelosi heartily embraces the immoral, undignified value that hauls 3,000 unborn aborted American babies daily to the nearest incinerator. Then, on the other hand, for illegal Central American women and children, Mrs. Pelosi stresses “We [as Americans] have a moral responsibility to address this [crisis] in a dignified way.”

To support her amnesty argument, Nancy Pelosi said that regardless of whether a person lives in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, they are still American. If that’s the case, then shouldn’t that logic also extend to all human beings, whether they’re living inside or outside of the womb? But it doesn’t.

Notwithstanding all the hypocritical claptrap, the one statement that was the most baffling was when the mother of five and grandmother to nine said she wanted to take “all those children home with [her.]” Correct me if I’m wrong, but taking the children home isn’t an offer Pelosi has ever made on behalf of those who should have been adopted instead of aborted.

Then Nancy said that “perhaps the most tragic image [she would] take home” was the one of “the little boy who was infected with the virus” who, “for his safety and for the safety of others,” was “in isolation all by himself.”

Talk about “tragic image.” Besides confirming that Third World disease is now a threat to us all, this is the same woman who worries that “women can die on the floor” for lack of GOP funding for abortion services in ObamaCare. 

As for‘dying on the floor,’ what is clear is that Nancy, who is opposed to denying free birth control and abortion, is not at all opposed to exposing the American public to MDR-TB and the swine flu. Nor is Nancy, who is normally apoplectic about the so-called Republican “war on women,” apprehensive about the looming Democratic war on everyone that will surely result from exposing healthy Americans to the same virus the little boy in isolation currently suffers with.

Liberal ‘crisis opportunist’ that she is, Pelosi did express a heartfelt desire to take the boy with the viral infection home to her secure San Francisco compound. Suffice it to say that based on the immigration policies she and the left continue to support, and definitely based on the boy’s highly contagious condition, that ‘crisis opportunity’ idea is something Nancy Pelosi should definitely follow through on.


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