MICHELLE O’S OUTRAGED! Defiling Children w/ Tic Tacs

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When it comes to what she can and cannot eat, rest assured Mrs. Obama is the one giving the directives, not the one taking them. Yet the woman who, often on a whim, indulges in all manner of Epicurean treats, has taken it upon herself to officially transform America’s public schools into Fat Camp.

Thanks to Mrs. Obama’s school lunch/snack restrictions, one million students have opted out and are choosing to forego buying lunch at school. In addition, the school lunch regulations create more than $1 billion in wasted food per year because students are tossing away the fruit and vegetables they’ve been forced to put on their lunch trays but do not want to eat.

Diane Zipay, director of nutritional services for the Westside School District in Omaha, Nebraska, had this to say about the federal snack rules that now apply to school districts participating in the National School Lunch Program: “I think we’ve gone too far, too fast. And I don’t think it’s a real-world environment. We might have changed the school but we haven’t changed the child or our world.”

Ms. Zipay’s insightful statement that “We might have changed the school but we haven’t changed the child or our world” is so true. Michelle Obama, who likely doesn’t allow anyone to force her to do anything, has made forcing people to do things they don’t want to do her signature policy goal.

The problem is, forcing people changes nothing. Instead, it generally exacerbates the problem.

Moreover, it’s also clear that Michelle Obama is unaware of the difference between what you eat and what you say and do, which Jesus pointed out in Matthew 15:17-19 when He said:

Do you not yet understand that whatever enters the mouth goes into the stomach and is eliminated? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile a man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, and blasphemies.

To put it bluntly, Mrs. Obama and her federal Fat Camp dictates are hyper-focused on “whatever enters the mouth” and what “goes into the stomach,” and not at all interested in what really defiles a child. While monitoring what goes into children’s mouths, it’s become a federally-funded objective to defile children with things other than food.

Lest we forget, Michelle Obama is of the same ilk as those who, while supporting unrestricted access, without parental notification, to abortion services for young girls, simultaneously argue that snack foods need to be under 200 calories.

Diane Zipay’s point about federal restrictions changing nothing, least of all children, is spot on, especially in a culture where salt shakers are illegal but Plan B is okay and bake sales are forbidden while condoms are encouraged. How confusing is it when donuts, brownies, potato chips, soda, and candy are out, but two weeks of sex education is in? And sugar, fat, and sodium frowned upon but fornication encouraged and murdering the unborn applauded?

A very insightful Zipay also pointed out that because of the new regulations, snack options are reduced, but more importantly, the federal government is denying children an opportunity to learn how to moderate themselves. Outside of the school cafeteria, this could result in unbridled carnality in government-approved activities not involving food.

Zipay said, “I want kids to feel like they can have an apple one day and a Snicker’s bar the next, and that’s OK.” Having a 1,500 calorie Shake Shack lunch one day and organic kale the next are the types of choices Michelle Obama, the one pushing these rigorous standards on everyone else, certainly enjoys with regularity.

Regardless of what Michelle Obama indulges in, it’s gotten so bad that according to the director of nutritional services, sodium content prohibits school lunchroom cooks from offering students benign choices such as turkey sandwiches, and has necessitated a two-slice limit on salami.

That’s why, in keeping with what Jesus said about true defilement, it seems that when it comes to abortion, liberals such as Michelle Obama would support “Keeping laws off a woman’s body”. However, when it comes to what food a woman unencumbered by laws on her body may choose to put into that body, those same liberals want to make laws granting government full control.

“You cannot buy a Tic Tac in a Nebraska school. I checked,” Diane Zipay reported. So, this school year, people who think like Michelle Obama are defiling our children by telling them they have the right to have an abortion while telling them they can’t have a Tic Tac.

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