FERGUSON SOLUTION? Maybe Obama Should Issue an Executive Indictment

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The “no true bill” Ferguson grand jury decision is in, and the looting has begun. Rest assured that either way there would have been looting with this bunch. If Darren Wilson had been indicted there would have been celebratory looting, but since prosecutor Bob McCullough announced no charges, instead there’s outrage looting.

Obviously, outrage looting is more fun.

After the decision was announced, Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton said he is heading to Ferguson because, according to the guy who gives Aqua Net a bad name, the grand jury decision not to indict is an “absolute blow” to the race-baiting faux civil rights leader who, rather than keep Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream alive, works tirelessly to keep hate alive.

Sharpton said that he had no confidence in McCullough and would have preferred a federal investigation where likeminded race-baiters overseen by the new attorney general and Barack Obama could Loretta-Lynch Officer Darren Wilson by offering him up as a blonde, blue-eyed sacrificial lamb.

According to the evidence, Michael Brown robbed a convenience store and, according to eyewitnesses, tussled with Wilson, attempting to get the officer’s gun while attacking him in his police car. After being shot in the hand in the struggle, Brown started to run away and then turned around and charged Officer Wilson like a football player with his head down.

Evidently, facts and eyewitness accounts don’t seem to matter to race-hustlers like Sharpton.

Then there’s Barack Obama, who delivered a sober nine-minute plea for calm. The president called for a “long-term solution” to the tensions between inner city youth and white police officers.

What Obama did not mention during his remarks was the long-term solution for all the innocent children who have died unnecessarily from the Enterovirus D-68 that Obama himself is responsible for bringing here. Nor did he mention how many illegal aliens – whom he never plans to prosecute – have shot and killed black teenage boys and girls, we know for certain were innocent.

Instead, based on the glum expression on the face of the man who in the past had already accused a white police officer of “acting stupidly,” Obama looked as if he was thinking “this could have been my [hoodie-wearing] son” who died.

However, despite being clearly dismayed and majorly peeved, the president did call for respect for the rule of law. The problem is that this is obviously another version of “do as I say, not as I do” because as he’s just recently proven, Obama, above all, has zero respect for the rule of law.

In fact, it’s quite possible that the Ferguson, Missouri plunderers learned how to burn down and demolish from observing Barack Obama’s low level of respect for the U.S. Constitution.

Yet to the president’s credit was his acknowledgment that “communities of color have higher crime rates,” which inadvertently cleared up the question as to why there is so much lawlessness in the community of color where he lives: the White House.

Meanwhile, back in Ferguson, Mike Brown’s defenders are about the business of attempting to uphold the teen’s stellar reputation and clear his name by setting fires to businesses, torching cars, shooting off guns, closing down the St. Louis airport, and randomly attacking, shooting, and throwing rocks at news reporters.

In fact, things have gotten so out of hand that a 26-year-old woman named Becca Campbell, fearful of being injured during the unrest, accidentally shot herself in the head with a gun she purchased for self-defense. Becca was jokingly waving the gun around, saying “Ready for Ferguson” when the car she was riding in was rear-ended. The gun went off and Becca died.

The only thing missing from the scene is the always-serious and reliably melodramatic Geraldo Rivera speaking out on behalf of racial calm.

Why hasn’t Geraldo, dressed in riot gear, been lowered onto a street strung with “Season’s Greetings” Christmas lights from a hovering helicopter? Then, like a brave soldier, he could commiserate with the rioters and choke back emotion while gagging on tear gas and ducking airborne boulders.

Geraldo or no Geraldo, the pillagers have announced that they will loot as many stores and businesses as necessary to get justice, because everyone knows that justice for a man who died while attacking a cop after just having stolen some cigarillos is done by gathering up as much cheap merchandise as one can from the local dollar outlet.

In the interim, as the convenience store that Michael Brown robbed on the day he died is being ravaged in his memory, there is a way to stop all the madness. Because Michael Brown is deceased, there cannot be a Henry Louis Gates/Officer Crowley-style beer summit at the White House, so Barack Obama needs to be a little more creative. One way would be for the president to formally declare that hence forth and in perpetuity, just like illegal aliens are innocent because they’re illegal, regardless of what he did, Michael Brown was innocent because he was black.

Then our historic first black president can put his head together with his close advisor Al Sharpton (after all, great minds think alike) and announce the first-ever Executive Indictment. The indictment can then call for the immediate arrest of Officer Darren Wilson following a “no justice no peace”-style federal investigation and trial that will surely find the Ferguson police officer guilty of a murder he didn’t commit.

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