SOTU 2015 Special People Sky Box Guests

UnknownEvery year, the first lady’s State of the Union Special People Sky Box group includes individuals chosen specifically to either advance Obama’s political agenda or send an up-yours to Americans who disapprove of his ideology and job performance.

This year, Michael Moore and Seth Rogen were probably too busy criticizing dead American heroes to accept a VIP invite from the president. So instead, sitting next to Michelle Obama, wearing an outfit worth more than 10 of her husband’s proposed tax credits to the middle class combined, will be an esteemed physician working to stop the spread of Ebola.

Although he’d like to, due to time restraints Obama won’t be mentioning that after giving an initial $750 million and Congress allocating an additional $5.48 billion toward ending the outbreak of the deadly hemorrhagic fever, the virus drama appears to have waned on its own.

That’s why the contractors who participated in America’s effort to build clinics that are currently empty will not be sitting in the galley alongside the Ebola doctor.

Also in attendance will be union workers who have benefited from a stronger economy. Unfortunately, representatives for the 92 million other Americans who are currently unemployed and not benefitting from the stronger economy were not invited to the SOTU.

Sitting in a seat close to where 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton’s parents Nat and Cleo sat last year just weeks after Hadiya was gunned down on Chicago’s Southside will be another victim of Chicago gun violence who miraculously managed to survive. This lucky gun violence victim’s injuries are being exploited to remind America that Obama still has two years left to dismantle the Second Amendment.

Sadly, the families of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, the two NYPD officers who were killed by a Muslim extremist with an illegal semi-automatic handgun, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, were not extended an invite.

Word has it that a brain tumor patient who was able to get surgery thanks to the ACA will be there. However, the families of the veterans who died on government-run VA hospital waiting lists won’t be there. Neither will the parents of the children who died as a result of Enterovirus D-68, the virus that invaded America with the unaccompanied minors Obama ushered into our midst in defiance of the will of the American people.

California residents dealing with rationed prescription cough syrup are too sick to attend, and the survivors of those who succumbed to illegal immigrant-perpetrated murder, DWIs, MDR-TB, drug-resistant pneumonia and the like would have been invited to the SOTU, but there wasn’t enough room to fit them all into the skybox.

Other elite guests include a government worker freed in a prisoner exchange, which was part of a ‘why can’t we be friends’ outreach to communist Cuba. The five Cuban spies, one of whom is also a murderer, who were returned in exchange for Alan Gross won’t be there because they’re currently free in Cuba to conspire against America, as are the five highly lethal Gitmo terrorists Obama exchanged for Army sergeant/alleged deserter Beau Bergdahl.

And finally, an illegal immigrant who has flouted the law and remained in the country under Mr. Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty will be sitting with Mrs. Obama. The message this individual will be sending to everyone thinking about sneaking across the border or already here illegally is that ignoring immigration law earns individuals free medical care, free social security, free education, and a standing ovation at the State of the Union.

So, as the SOTU approaches, America waits with bated breath to enjoy sights such as Sheila Jackson Lee, draped in a colorful pashmina, tackle a colleague in the aisle to get to Obama. Plus, along with Al Sharpton in the gallery and Harry Reid with an eye patch, disappointed voters can also anticipate watching the Republican representatives Americans sent there in November to make a change, instead clap and smile and make like the New England Patriots by exposing their “deflated balls.”

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