Blaming Mickey and Other Measles Scapegoats

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After Enterovirus D-68, a virus that arrived in the US from Latin America, killed 15 Americans, most of them children, and paralyzed dozens, the CDC is finally ’fessing up that the newest epidemic, the Disneyland measles outbreak, had its origin overseas.  According to Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “We don’t know exactly how this outbreak started but we do think it was likely a person infected with measles overseas.”

Overseas? How about over the border?

Unwilling to put the blame on the thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied minors that Obama encouraged to migrate north last summer or the possibility that an illegal visiting Disneyland is the source, is the CDC actually suggesting the culprit might be a travelling American, or a visitor from overseas, or perhaps Dumbo or even Mickey Mouse?

The CDC is saying “We assume that someone got infected with measles overseas, visited Disneyland park, and spread the disease to others.”  In other words, it could have been absolutely anyone, from anywhere!

According to Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat M.D., assistant surgeon general of the United States Public Health Service and director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), one person with the highly contagious measles virus can infect 12 to 18 people. So whomever the “overseas” person was that went to Disneyland with the intent to visit the “happiest place on earth,” he or she has managed to start a chain of events that has affected 91 Minnie and Mickey fans and made 100 people in eight states extremely unhappy.

Meanwhile, illegal immigration advocates must be hoping that guilt-ridden Americans who are used to accepting fault for everything from slavery to worldwide terrorism will forget what took place on America’s border last summer.

But a quick stroll down memory lane brings to mind a certain government-contracted security force nicknamed the “brown shirts.”  The brown shirts threatened doctors and nurses with arrest if they revealed any information about the illnesses they were seeing at the San Antonio, Texas Lackland Air Force Base refugee camp, where thousands of illegal alien children were being housed.

Maybe remorseful Americans need to be reminded that one anonymous source said that there were children in the camp with measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat, not to mention children with visible lice crawling in their hair.

Also, let us not forget that, according to the US government’s “Office of Refugee Resettlement,” there were approximately 60,000 “unaccompanied minors” who were relocated, some of whom were documented to have – you guessed it – the measles.

Therefore, logic dictates that there’s a good chance the measles carrier was not one tourist or a single American returning from abroad, and the CDC implying that this is the case is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

In a moment of scrupulousness, Dr. Schuchat did admit that the virus affecting Americans is similar to strains currently infecting the people of Indonesia and the Muslim nations of Qatar, Azerbaijan, and Dubai.

So in other words, human germ canisters have proven to “armed insurgents” and anyone else interested in triggering another “man-caused disaster” that a shot at successful bio-warfare actually exists.

Bio-warfare or not, measles still has a 90 percent transmission rate among people who are not immunized or otherwise immune to it. So now as the virus spreads, on behalf of the politician responsible, Dr. Schuchat is dutifully implying that Americans are to blame.

Schuchat insists that the measles cases are exponentially growing because some Americans fail to get vaccinated or get their children vaccinated.  She feels that “this is not a problem of the measles vaccine not working. It’s a problem of the measles vaccine not being used. Measles can be a very serious disease and people need to be vaccinated.”

So wait – this outbreak is not because thousands of unvaccinated children from other countries exposed American children to a virus that was eradicated from the United States 14 years ago? No, it’s because of anti-vaxxers who chose not to vaccinate because, before Obama ushered in a Third World invasion, concern about contracting the measles was minimal.

Schuchat added, “Measles is still common around the world and we estimate there are around 20 million cases a year. Of them, more than 145,000 die every year. For every 1,000 children who get measles, one to three of them die despite treatment.”

Not to mention that “28 percent of kids who get measles are sick enough to be hospitalized, and can suffer permanent brain damage.”

Speaking of brain damage, here’s an idea for “virus hunter” Anne Schuchat:  How about suggesting to the president that it’s a bad idea to purposely import contagions that have long been eliminated and unnecessarily expose American children to viruses and bacteria that make many deathly ill and kill others?

On second thought, the CDC will probably be forced to toe Obama’s blame-game line, which means it’s only a matter of time until someone suggests that it was unvaccinated American children who infected “unaccompanied minors” with the measles.

Vaccinated or not, on behalf of the CDC, Dr. Schuchat’s public service announcement did warn that “You can catch measles just by being in the same room as a person who has measles.” Did she mean “room” as in public school classrooms filled with illegal children?

Then Dr. Anne suggested that “If [adults] are not sure whether [they] have had the measles vaccine or not…there’s no harm in getting another MMR vaccine.”

So there you have it.

Despite Obama knowingly importing infected youngsters with, among other things, the measles, children whose parents have decided, in a free country, for whatever reason, be it religious, philosophical, or medical, not to vaccinate are now being impugned for starting a measles crisis.

As for adults who have already had the measles vaccine, to preclude contracting a deadly virus from children who shouldn’t be in America to begin with, they’re now being told there’s no harm in getting a booster.

Once again, kudos goes to the President!

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