BLACK LIVES MATTER? Prince Entertains the Pro-Choice President

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Remember George W. Bush? He’s the guy who wouldn’t even play golf during the Iraq War. Meanwhile Barack Obama has proven time and again that he is cut from a different cloth, and when things get tough, the tough start dancing. As the ISIS beheadings accelerate and the threat to America’s homeland increases, again Barack Obama quelled his anxiety by treating himself to a dose of star-studded entertainment.

This past weekend it was 80’s sleaze-pop icon Prince, who has decided of late not to curse in his songs, that took Barack and Michelle Obama’s mind off pesky things like antibiotic-resistant TB coming over the border, rapes and murders being committed by illegal aliens, and ISIS being in possession of WMD.

Prince, whose repertoire includes songs about used Trojans, masturbation, and assorted other sex acts, was on hand at the White House for African-American Music Appreciation Month and gave a private VIP performance for Michelle, Barry, both their young daughters, as well as a group of very important guests.

The 500-person guest list included stalwart Obama sycophants Stevie Wonder and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his date, singer Ciara, whose explicit “Ride” lyrics and use of the “N” word is something neither Sasha nor Malia should be exposed to.

Russell, although open about his Christianity, was just one in a long list of Christians in attendance who profess Christ while supporting the most pro-abortion, supposedly Christian president in the history of America. A troubling dichotomy, to say the least.

As global havoc raged on, the Obama family event also hosted part-time Christian TV & film star Tyler Perry, who also openly professes Christ while supporting pro-choice candidates and having children out of wedlock; Planned Parenthood supporter and abortion activist Connie Britton; and Angela Bassett, supposedly a woman of faith who also supports pro-choice politicians.

Just prior to leaving on another taxpayer-funded European jaunt, Michelle “Uptown Funk” Obama boogied far into the night with the likes of Oprah Winfrey’s BFF Gayle King and Black-ishstar Tracee Ellis Ross.

Tracee was probably invited not only because she is Diana Ross’s daughter, but because Black-ish is the sitcom whose father character, Dre Johnson, reminded black Americans that “Sure, the other side may trot out a token black face every now and again, but the fact of the matter is, being a black Republican is something we just don’t do.”

Oh, and also on hand was one of the first lady’s favorite high-end fashion designers, Naeem Khan, as well as J. Crew’s Creative Director and President, Jenna Lyons.

Jon Bon Jovi, who is planning a Hillary 2016 fundraiser in his New Jersey backyard, was there, as was James Taylor, who, after the terrorist attack in Paris, brought liberal love and hugs to France via an acoustic rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Apparently, to be among the VIPs at the private Prince concert at the “Party Hearty While the Whole World Burns” White House function you had to be either a black Christian willing to embrace the Democrat pro-choice platform, a staunch big-money fundraising supporter, a fashion designer, a Planned Parenthood abortion activist, or just all around Black-ish.

And while the partisan bias is telling, the most unsettling part of this whole event wasn’t choosing Prince, whose hit collection includes songs like “Do Me Baby” and “Lovesexy,” as the best person to pay homage to the rich history of African-American music.

No, the most troubling part of the whole affair was the fact that the same man who said at the 2015 Grammys that “Black lives matter!” can go to the White House and play a private concert for a president who supports the funding of a procedure that in 2009 killed twice as many black babies as all the other causes of death for black people that year.

So, Prince was there to extol African-American music and reinforce the message that “Black Lives Matter.” Michelle and her daughters were there killing time and dancing to “Little Red Corvette” while the butler loaded the aircraft in preparation to fly the women like royalty to Europe.

The quasi-Christian guests were there to buoy up the belief that you can talk like the church lady and still vote pro-choice.  But most disturbing of all was the president who was there agreeing with Prince that “Black Lives Matter,” but whose radical abortion stance proves that whether it’s white lives or potential African-American musicians’ lives, he feels otherwise.

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