Debbie Wasserman Schultz Redefines ‘Vulgar’

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the quintessential left-wing shill. When it comes to shamelessly mouthing liberal talking points, the woman will defend just about anything.

Of late the DNC mouthpiece and supporter of the unrestricted slaughter of 4,000 babies a day has jumped aboard the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, because as long as the black life is outside of the womb and not on the streets of Chicago, Debbie does believe that “black lives matter.”

In addition to embracing that tortured logic, Wasserman Schultz also celebrates the ongoing dissolution of the First Amendment.

Appearing on behalf of the PC Police, Debbie climbed atop the Des Moines Register‘s Political Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair, and before declaring “anchor babies” a vulgar term, Wasserman Schultz boasted that she all but shimmied up the flagpole and tore down the Confederate flag herself.

Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake, anyone?

Standing tall upon the soapbox, the throaty purveyor of pluralism with the overprocessed perm started out with some praise for young misinformed activists: “I’m proud of the young people who have been pushing the Black Lives Matter movement. We brought the Confederate flag down. We made sure that symbols of hate are unacceptable in America.”

A proud member of the cabal who see no problem with selling the freshly-harvested organs of murdered babies but find terms like “anchor baby” offensive, Debbie shared with the small throng that because GOP presidential candidates don’t support illegal amnesty, the immigration policy being “spewed” by the GOP is “hateful.”

In other words, for leftists who defend Planned Parenthood’s right to carve up defenseless newborns and sell their organs for profit, murder is women’s healthcare and upholding immigration law is hateful.

Moving on from discussing the GOP’s “hateful… spewing,” the DNC diva more specifically attacked Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s reference to some who illegally infiltrate the southern border of the United States as “rapists.”

The Donald has explained numerous times that when he made the “rapists” comment he was referring to the glut of illegal felons released by ICE who are now raping and pillaging their way across the U.S.  However, abandoning context as usual, Debbie told the crowd that Trump calling those who rape our border “rapists” is “appalling” and “unacceptable.”

Trump defaming rapists or not, the truth is that illegally entering personal space without consent, be it into the body of an unwilling individual or the borders of a sovereign nation, for all intents and purposes can be defined as “rape.”

Still, when referring to the now-deemed politically-incorrect phrase “anchor babies,” Debbie had this to say:

And then I can’t even use the vulgar term that he has used and Jeb Bush has doubled down on and many of the Republican candidates have called children of immigrants who are not the vulgar word they’ve used, but citizens.

So, according to DWS, it’s “appalling” to identify and point out that in addition to actual illegal-alien rapist felons, there are also border rapists who infiltrate America illegally. That’s why maybe someone should have raised their hand and asked the lovely and vivacious Wasserman Schultz why the feminist adage “No means no!” applies to date rape, but not to border rape?

Could it be that Debbie justifies having a hardworking border rapist looking for a better life doing her gardening because although he’s raping the border the illegal doesn’t charge too much to mow her lawn? Moreover, whatever happened to Democrats’ righteous indignation over Bush’s Labor Secretary nominee Linda Chavez hiring an illegal alien from Guatemala in the early 1990s, a revelation that cost Chavez the nomination?

As for the vulgarity accusation, according to hyperpartisan Debbie that’s now been redefined by the PC Police as those who point out that border rapists anchor themselves to the U.S. via birthing babies.

Seems the same way the “right to privacy” in the 14th Amendment has been twisted to justify murdering the unborn, the words “born or naturalized in the United States… are citizens of the United States and the State wherein they reside” have also been perverted to grant the children of illegal aliens instant delivery-room citizenship.

That Constitutional distortion has served both illegals and left-wing politicians hoping to legitimize the specious argument that once they give birth inside the gates of the city, predatory trespassers can claim legal residency, which causes border busters to behave like gatecrashers with stolen backstage passes at a rock concert scarfing up goodies at an endless buffet table.

Either way, it’s hard to believe that all this astounding wisdom comes from a woman who, based on her comments both past and present, is amongst those who believe that the babies of illegal aliens have no legal right to life, but do have a legal right to citizenship.

As for the rest of  Debbie Wasser-name Schultz’s twisted world, black lives matter — but only if they’re outside of the womb; and the Confederate flag is vulgar and much more offensive than a Planned Parenthood employee snipping open the face of a living human baby and removing its brain.


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