Culturally Sensitive Germany Just Swore Off THIS Food Because of Muslims

Roast-Pork-And-Sauerkraut21Originally posted at CLASH Daily.

After a nation surrenders its borders, it’s easier to cede culture and hand over people to the wiles and whims of invaders. That is exactly what is currently happening in Germany.

Since opening its borders to bands of marauding Muslim refugees, the German people and culture have been mugged. Yet rather than secure the nation and protect the citizens, Germany continues to capitulate to the reckless political correctness hell-bent on obliterating European culture.

For months, the world has witnessed how, with the approval of Angela Merkel, migrants have entered Germany. The problem is that some of them have gone on to rape innocent German women. And regrettably, instead of thwarting the migration, Germany’s response has been to continue to grant entry to some very dangerous people.

In fairness, though, officials have made an effort to stem the tide by posting comic book tutorials in public pools to explain to male migrants that in Germany sexually assaulting women and children is prohibited.

While the Germans were respectfully circulating public service information, someone really should have given one of those adorable picture books to the Serbian refugees who gang-raped a 14-year-old girl. Maybe a friendly reminder would have let the rapists know that in civilized nations men taking turns ravishing a woman is not an acceptable code of conduct.

On second thought, if one needs to explain basic human decency to the Muslim evacuees than why not just import komodo dragons to roam the streets of Germany? After all, aren’t lizard-like monitors a type of endangered refugee and don’t these little man-eaters also deserve a chance to survive?

With that in mind, by banning what offends the offenders, Germany is now attempting to find a way to sooth the savage humans currently devouring its people.

Islam has already made it known that when it finally accomplishes the goal of world domination it will forbid a laundry list of things among which are: alcohol, gambling, lending money with interest, homosexuality, movie theatres, men and women “free mixing,” the stock market, health insurance, and any speech that insults the prophet.

If Sharia is in place, participating in any one of those activities could result in being executed for non-compliance. The same holds true for promiscuity, which may be why, if a mob of non-promiscuous religious Muslim men rapes a 14-year-old girl, patriarchal Muslims then execute the victim for the crime of having more than one sex partner.

Nonetheless, in some Muslim circles, dogs and music are also a no-no, as is eating or touching pork products. The problem is that Germany is home to Bratwurst, potato salad with bacon, beef wrapped in bacon, pork hocks, grilled whole pig, and always a Frank favorite, Frankfurter Würstchen.

So, by emulating Barack Obama, who attempted to ban pork in U.S. federal prisons, Deutschland may have found a way to “not offend refugees” some of whom, when not condemning bacon, are otherwise occupied sexually molesting women.

According to a top Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) representative Daniel Günther, public cafes, child daycare centers and schools have stopped serving sausages, bacon, and ham. Günther argues that favoring and protecting minorities “including for religious reasons — must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration.”

Günther may not have thought of this, but banning pork is an “ill-conceived consideration,” especially because panties made of bacon may soon become the only Muslim-banned insurance policy German women have against being gang-raped by those whose “religious reason” eschews promiscuity. That and a Germany without pork sausage is like Bill Clinton without a cigar, or China without rice, a country that, by the way, bans Muslims.

Nonetheless, Mr. Günther did thoughtfully contend that tolerance also means “the appreciation and sufferance of other food cultures and lifestyles.”

Apparently, Mr. Günther is unaware that tolerance now means Western Civilization conceding its borders, language, and centuries-old cultural heritage to a band of barbarians.

It also means getting rid of dogs as pets, turning off Oomph’s music, and closing movie theaters and liquor shops. But above all, it means Europe allowing itself to be overrun by people who behave like feral animals, and compelling conquered Europeans to sheepishly submit to the demands of those who have no love or appreciation for the history or culture they’re in the process of plundering.

Günther maintains that those who don’t want to eat pork don’t have to, adding: “The consumption of pork belongs to our culture. No one should be obliged to do so. But we also don’t want the majority having to refrain from pork.”

Nice thought, Mr. Günther, but it’s not likely to happen.

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad tidings, but someone needs inform the well-intentioned cultural crusader that, if Muslims continue to have their way in Germany, it’s only a matter of time before the celebrations like the iconic Munich, Oktoberfest, where pork sausage is served alongside frosty steins of beer, will become as much of an abomination as mentioning Germanic notables like King Charlemagne, Martin Luther, and Beethoven.

In the end, Germany will probably put Muslim sensibility ahead of love of knackwurst. As a result, that nation will continue to be ransacked, European culture suppressed, and then, after the pork fried Schweineschnitzel is verboten, conquering the German people will be all that’s left for the Muslims invaders to do.

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