Alec ‘Baldwinito’ and the hypocrisy of the left

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The unabashed hypocrisy of the progressive left was on full display when the rapidly aging dad of soon-to-be eight children, seven of whom are under the age of nine, Alec Baldwin, and his aspiring “Septomom,” full-time culturally appropriating contortionist “Spanish” wife, Saint ‘Ilaria, decided to come out on Instagram after a few days of hiding on 55 acres in Vermont.

I know, I know…no one cares.  But Alec Baldwin epitomizes the essence of all things that embody the radical left’s habit of contradicting what they profess to support.

Everyone knows Alec and his wife, Hillary Thomas Baldwin of Boston, AKA ‘Ilaria of Mallorca.  ‘Ilaria is the mom of six who spends an inordinate amount of time on Instagram.  ‘Ilaria is fond of posting things like filtered close-ups of herself in her underwear.  The “how you say” cucumber cook also elicits sympathy for unruly offspring with vegan-induced broken armsallergies, and eczema; models her 10-carat, $800K+ ring; dangles breast pumps one from each teat; and, when not interviewing surrogates to add additional babies to the “Baldwinito” progeny, posts selfies in the elevator lobby mirror of the Baldwin $11.7-million New York City penthouse.

Actor Alec Baldwin, on the other hand, is busy brooding, bullying, and buying historic mansions.  Of late, it’s gotten so bad that it appears as if Alec attempts to style his hair with beef tallow.  The radical left spokesperson and SNL Trump-mocker also sports marked bags under his eyes and shuffles around NYC like a psych patient wearing well worn black patent-leather loafers sans socks, draped with ill-fitting pants complete with shredded cuffs.  The former star of 30 Rock is puffy, overweight, disheveledangry, and hunched over like one suffering from ankylosing spondylitis.  And when not accosting paparazzi or inseminating his porno-posing child bride, the father-to-be makes creepy, cryptic videos in 200-year-old Vermont barns.

As always, Alec remains stoically committed to left-wing policies and hateful of anything that argues against extreme progressivism.  The problem is that Alec is so worn out from childrearing that he’s unaware of how his leftist beliefs, when juxtaposed against his lavish lifestyle and self-contradictory comments, reveal the exemplary nature of left-wing pretense.

Alec Baldwin supports all things left.  Yet he drives not one, but two gas-guzzling SUVsmotorboats around the tony East End of Long Island; owns three multi-million-dollar residences; and now, while procreating like a rabbit on steroids, somehow feels compelled to support the leftist/liberal sacrament of abortion by jumping into the fray and adding his two cents to the Roe v. Wade debate.

Sounding more like a reactionary hit job tacitly directed at über-liberal Alec’s Bible-believing brother, Stephen, in response to the Roe v. Wade controversy, Baldwin posted an irate rant delivered by an angry atheist and “Young Turks” commentator, the progressive Ana Kasparian.  In the clip, Ana dresses down Bible-believing Christians who dare oppose the 60 million unborn babies slaughtered since 1973.  Seems Alec agrees with Ana, a woman sick of morals delineated in what she calls a “mythical book,” and the imposition of biblical “thou shalt not kill” edicts on those desirous to spend a lunch hour in Planned Parenthood stirrups disposing of inconvenient children.  Alec’s comment accompanying his Ana post pointed to the video with an agreeable “This.”

Based on the passionate representative Baldwin chose to identify with to express his view on abortion, it’s apparent that the 64-year-old deteriorating dad of soon-to-be eight former zygotes agrees that killing unborn babies in the womb is an acceptable choice.  This raises the question: why, then, just three days after posting Ana the Atheist railing against pro-lifers, did Alec take to Instagram to participate in a heartwarming familia gender reveal of his yet unborn daughter, who is sure to be named something like V…Valeria, after the Baldwin’s slippered matriarch, ‘Ill-aria?

Talk about ill-timed P.R.

Apparently, leftist bloviator Alec Baldwin supplies his baby-“obsessed” wife, who collects children the way she collects Bengal cats, with an endless supply of old man sperm, but also supports aborting children like the one his wife called a “whole little independent human, growing inside me”?

In the shadow of his direct involvement in the death of Rust cinematographerHalyna Hutchins, maybe he should be more aware of how duplicitous it looks to agree with someone like Ana Kasparian, who clearly has no problem disposing of what two days later Alec referred to on video as a “whole human.”  After accidentally causing someone’s death, one would think Baldwin would be chastened enough to avoid any discussion surrounding the taking of innocent life, but no, not a chance.

Here’s the thing with Alec Baldwin”: he’s stupid and insincere, or a disingenuous fake, or he doesn’t realize how despicable it looks posting Ana Kasparian spitting all over the camera in defense of death and destruction right before publicly proclaiming the sacredness of his unborn daughter’s life, and while still facing a legal challenge concerning a prop gun and a dead director.

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