America and Michael Jackson Both Buried Without a Brain


Today the press said that Michael Jackson is being …buried without a brain. I couldn’t help but make the analogy that America is well on the way to also being buried without her brain.

America freely volunteered to have her brain removed on Election Day in November of 2008.  Since that day, the loss of freedom and hope for our future has drained the life from Lady Liberty.  Based on the trajectory our nation seems to be on, it appears as if the Great Lady willingly laid down on a stainless steel, necropsy table and let her head be drained of its brain.  Now, all that remains is a hollow, cranial cavern, sans Constitutional content.

So as Michael Jackson, a once great specimen of talent, potential and the fruits of freedom, is lowered into the ground in a gold plated, blue-velvet lined casket…without a brain — take heed that ObAmerica isn’t laid to rest the same way!

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