America and Michael Jackson Both Buried Without a Brain


Today the press said that Michael Jackson is being …buried without a brain. I couldn’t help but make the analogy that America is well on the way to also being buried without her brain.

America freely volunteered to have her brain removed on Election Day in November of 2008.  Since that day, the loss of freedom and hope for our future has drained the life from Lady Liberty.  Based on the trajectory our nation seems to be on, it appears as if the Great Lady willingly laid down on a stainless steel, necropsy table and let her head be drained of its brain.  Now, all that remains is a hollow, cranial cavern, sans Constitutional content.

So as Michael Jackson, a once great specimen of talent, potential and the fruits of freedom, is lowered into the ground in a gold plated, blue-velvet lined casket…without a brain — take heed that ObAmerica isn’t laid to rest the same way!


  1. oBOWma Sucks

    oBOWma is a pathetic excuse for presidential material. It’s sickening to read of his obseqious arab-bowing, and his deference to dictators such as chavez. But whining liberal XXX-heads voted for this pile of dog shit.

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  4. JadedByPolitics

    I don’t think anyone could have given a better analogy of the current situation in America. When 11 million are watching the death of a pervert while our Constitution is being preverted daily and they pay no attention it is like watching the movie Demolition Man!

  5. ddland45

    C’mon, people! You really seem to have short memories. You actually think all the ills of our great nation began in Janurary? We weren’t already in a $350+ billion budget deficit? We didn’t have collapsing companies in our private sector begging for federal life support? We didn’t have spiraling job loss? We didn’t have throngs of people adoring pop idols instead of saluting our fallen soldiers when they were shown returning home in caskets( don’t forget we weren’t ALLOWED to see that before )? Our rights weren’t being peeled away by intrusive policies in the name of “security”?
    All of this suddenly exploded upon us in 6 MONTHS???
    President Obama has the responsibility NOW to find solutions to our financial, economic and global problems. Some of those solutions may not work, some may need to be re-worked, some may take longer to show positive results. But I think we need to refrain from pushing the panic button 6 MONTHS into a 4-8 year Administration.
    Just because you disagree with the result of an election, doesn’t mean our nation is “brainless”. Obama’s decisions didn’t CAUSE the spiraling downward cycle of unemployment, money-hemmoraging banks and empty car factories. He didn’t preside over a false premise to go to war in Iraq and allow our enemies to swell in number across the world. He didn’t ignore the storm signs of recession as they swallowed our previous economic prosperity.
    In other words, we didn’t get to where we are in 6 MONTHS under this Administration, and we’re not going to get out of this mess in 6 MONTHS. It took 8-years to go from surplus to bust. Can we allow this President at least 4 to try and fix it?

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