“Run” or “Ruin” You Dunce-ide


In an effort to defend the White House administrative staff the president tried to defuse the hub-bub over the spelling errors that seem to be plaguing the administration’s official correspondence.

After misspelling the president’s name as “Barak Obama” yesterday on an official document sent to reporters, the General Services Administration messed up another message when announcing it had awarded an $18 million contract to redesign the website keeping track of spent stimulus dollars.“Recvoery.gov Version 2.0 $18 Million Contract Awarded,” was in the subject line of the announcement.

The president explained that this error was deliberate. Always thinking ahead of the curve, and in honor of his trip to Russia, Barack, with a “C,” said the word was designed to have a Russian look to it.  He said he believed putting the “V” ahead of the “O”  in recovery accomplished a long-term goal, which is his foreign policy initiative to make the Russians feel more comfortable.

Later in a note to the press he wrote, “I don’t know what all the hoopla is about. You don’t need to know how to spell to ruin the country!” He later clarified that he meant to write “run” but misspelled the word.  The error was caught by the always on the ball, articulate White House Press Secretary, Robert Glibbs…I mean Gibbs.

Other words that have been revealed as being misspelled are:

No Charge, which has been circulated as “New Change.”

Cope, which we all thought was “Hope” and “I’m the Man“, which was falsely touted as “Yes We Can.”

The president went on to say that some of the misspellings were intentional.  He said, “Our administration is making an effort to reach out to the country.  Our intention is to extend fairness to the uneducated and illiterate.  We want to let them know that even without basic skills, such as spellin’ and especially mafth, they too can work along side me in the White House to ruin…I mean run the country.”

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