All Aboard the HR 3200 Cattle Car


Asking why Obama doesn’t know the details of the health care bill is like asking whether Hitler cared what color  cattle cars were painted.

Hitler didn’t concern himself with whether the cars were brown or red.  He cared less whether there was ample circulation of air, how many people could be stuffed into one compartment or whether there were sanitary accommodations for passengers.  His goal was getting the Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau and disposing of them promptly upon arrival.

Much like a cattle car the health care bill is the vehicle for Obama to transfer this nation to his own socialist concentration camp.   Obama doesn’t need to know the details of HR 3200 he just wants to be sure it’s capable of fulfilling the objective of pulling into the station.

People on board Obama’s cattle car will not be emaciated like Auschwitz prisoners; they’ll likely stand around, smiling and drinking Starbucks totally unaware of the purpose of the trip.  Yet, the concentration camp they’re headed for is where freedom will be promptly gassed and the Constitution burnt to ash in an on-site crematorium.

For Obama, the cattle car of HR 3200 has little to do with the health and well-being of Americans and everything to do with total domination of the citizenry, the systematic dismantling of freedom and the ushering in of a system that strips America of  liberty, the foundational identity of who we are as a people.

Supporters of Obama Deathscare clamor and grapple to board the cattle car, thinking they are headed toward  a utopian farms, where health care is free and life is beautiful. It would be best if Americans call to mind that Treblinka was not the “resettlement in the east” Polish Jews were told it was, but instead a cruel lure to a “Final Destination.”

Hitler’s trains served the pragmatic purpose of ferrying Jews to specified locations.  In the same way, the potential for universal health care has successfully situated Obama’s cattle cars on the tracks pointing toward toward the collective goal.  If the President of the United States is successful in moving those cattle cars forward it will undoubtedly serve the purpose of shuttling America, like freight, directly into the inner courtyard of a socialistic, political concentration camp designed expressly by Barack Obama.

Once inside the grounds dictatorial wrought iron gates will slam shut behind us hindering a way of escape.  Americans will then be forced to take a National ID number and issued a mandated pair of government approved striped pajamas with the Obama health care logo embroidered on the pocket.

As the world watches, America is on the precipice of too late learning that she is endangered of being enslaved within the confines a camp whose barbed wired borders restrict every freedom won for us with blood and treasure, and whose policies  reek with the stench of the incinerated corpse of Lady Liberty.


  1. NWLeftie

    That is a vile reference you PIG! You should not be allowed near this site to peddle your trash. Some day you will stand before God and he will cast you to hell where you belong!

    • jeannieology

      I would love to have you input to my blog…because I’m sure you have valid things to add…maybe you could tone down the expletives so I can post your comments.

      BTW you can hate me and try to defame me…I will continue to wish you the best — I think you should calm down analogy and hyperbole are valid writing styles.

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  3. Insightful because indeed with socialized medicine we are moving one step closer to collectivism. I saw a post today which I found rather intriguing, “Evil comes when man tries to bring his kind of heaven to earth.” I think that is what all dictator personalities try to do and, yes, I think Obama and others in Congress feel they are above us, that they are our rulers. Since they are more important than us regular riff-raff, they don’t need to be shuffled amongst us into the ‘cattle car.’ Heck, they don’t even need to know the details of what they’re trying to push us into. I also wish to add that when Christianity is thrown out of the mainstream, then value for each individual life is diminished greatly. We get those who do not see value to life inside the womb on one end and those who do not value the elderly because they, as a whole, no longer seem to add vitality and purpose to the collective whole.

    • jeannieology

      Amen my sister…you need to read what I wrote last week about Miller, Tiller and the Principle of Sowing and Reaping and some of my other pro life posts.

      Blessings – Jeannie

  4. WJGBalderama

    Message to NWLeftie: Oh, poor guy. I am assuming you are a guy because I do not often hear women calling each other PIG, unless, of course, you really are a classless and a clueless nag….or one of them, you know, San Francisco type? But, really, what’s the matter? You no likey the analogy? I think it’s quite appropriate. Socialists like Obama can — and will — mess up a good thing if they are allowed to with nary a word from us Conservatives. No way we are going to let that happen. Jeannie is doing her part to expose the stink that is ObamaCare., and I like that. Tell you what: with her permission, I will link her article to my Facebook page. What do you think of that, huh? Isn’t that cool? As far as peddling one’s trash, hey, I bet you bought into Obama’s trash yourself — hook, line, and sinker. Ha-ha-ha! Goodbye, NWLowlife.

    • jeannieology

      It is definitely a man because another name he called me that rhymes with runt…I deleted from the board…yes you can link anything I write anywhere you want Bill…what is mine is yours and thank you for defending me.

  5. DavidinTexas

    Jeanie: Exellently written ! NWLeftie (at least he has the temerity to admit he’s a Leftist, most won’t) is a KoolAid drinker of the first order. He proves two points:

    1.) One need not have a brain (and therefore the ability to think critically) to be a good Leftist

    2.) He proves Ann Coulter’s thesis in spades. That when Liberals/Leftists/Radicals are unable to debate with facts successfully, they promptly move to the ad hominim attacks and call their opponent names.

    By the tone of his post, I am actually surprised he didn’t mention anything about “it’s all George Bush’s fault” !

    And this guy’s vote counts as much as mine. Oh well, it is our system of government….for now.

    Keep up the good fight !

  6. Robert Geyer

    Do obama’s purple shirts, the equivalent to Hitler’s brown shirts, know what Hiltler did to them after they helped him gain control? He simply murdered them. He had no more use for the idiot’s!

  7. Insightful post Jeannie.
    And don’t pay attention to the vicious comments of ithe ignorant.
    Whether they are drinking Kool Aid or a double frappa latte from Starbucks- I hope they are first in the cattle cars-.
    Because they undoubtedly are the Sheeple who are looking for a handout and have no idea what is in this socialist plot health care plan.
    Sarah Palin got the “death panels” removed- but this “cradle to grave” -life containment- has got to go.
    As well as all these Unconstitutional Czars.
    Keep up the fight- and stay vigilant!

  8. nastradamus

    Obama the evil joker clown has made a date to speak to congress about his health care bill on 09-09-09 flip these numbers upside down like what he’s trying to do to America and the health care and you get Satan’s sign of 666, coincidental but the numbers don’t come around like that day to day. Nostradamus made predictions past and future like WW I WWII, Hitler and 9-11. they are all prophecies of evil forces showing up one day, even on the history channel it talked about Nastradamus future predictions like Satan will show up and be charismatic charming but cold and calculating, people will look up to him like a great messiah. Is this Gods last warning to us ? will the devil deceive democracy, do evil forces drive Obama ? 09-09-09 upside down equals 666 the OOO’S stand for Obama. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!take it back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Samantha

    Wow i hate hitler!! he brainwashed all those Germans into thinking all those Jews, who didnt even do anything wrong, were bad and evil and that they werent like HIM, so HE wanted them exterminated. what an evil man. i hope he is burning in hell rite now for wat he has done. now ever since i learned about the holocaust and hitler, ive become racist towards germans. i dont care wat anyone says, i hate germany!!!

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