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Who better to form a racial tolerance coalition than two native Hawaiians — one a White beauty queen from a historically Black university, the other an African-American President of a historically White Executive Office?

The saga began when Nikole Churchill, a 22-year-old, Asian-Italian was crowned homecoming queen of the traditionally Black college, Hampton University.  After donning the sash and balancing the rhinestone diadem upon her head it appears her coronation didn’t sit well with the student body because, “the vast majority of students at Hampton are Black … some worry Churchill isn’t representative of the typical Hampton student.” Appearing at a Howard University football game with her royal entourage, “Miss Hampton University” was jeered.

Barack Obama exudes such welcoming approachability that even young, female, Asian-Italian, nursing students, attending Black colleges feel camaraderie with him.  In an open letter to the President, Nikole appealed to him for help saying, “I feel as though you could relate to my situation.”

Of her win, Nikole told the President that, “It would be much easier to say that possibly some were not accepting of the news because I wasn’t the most qualified contestant; however, the true reason for the disapproval was because of the color of my skin.  I am not African-American.”  No doubt, even Barry would have to agree that admitting you’re not the most qualified for a job could lighten the load of expectation. In addition, who qualifies more than Obama to advise on the dilemma of being awarded a position based merely on skin color?

Nikole invited Obama to come to Hampton University to speak to the student body about how to, “…stop focusing so much on the color of skin.” Asking Obama to encourage people to disregard skin color and to focus only on qualifications is on par with asking Al Sharpton to speak on the dangers of using too much hairspray. During the run up to the election wasn’t it Obama who was obliged to remind supporters that his opponents were, “…going to try to make you afraid of me” saying, “He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s Black?”

According to students Nicole is not a true Hampton University representative because she attended a satellite campus in Virginia Beach. Just like Nikole, Obama “came out of nowhere, with no connections.” A well-spoken community organizer with questionable associations from an outpost in Chicago–Obama might as well have come from Nikole’s  “10th floor high-rise, where students study nursing and hotel management.”

Nikole wowed the pageant judges with the hula.  Bedecked with a huge pink flower tucked behind her undeserving ear she cinched the deal the same way Obama hulas his way out of any challenge to his credibility with astounding oratory that rivals the technical skill of combining the kaholo step with ami hip roll.

Like Miss Churchill, Barry isn’t handling the fact that coherent Americans view him as nothing more than a college kid in a hula skirt. Like a heckling gaggle of disgruntled Hampton University students Americans are beginning “…doubt Obama’s abilities to represent.”  Our historic American President has been reduced to the status of a rebuffed Hampton University beauty queen viewing himself as, “…the victim of sinister domestic forces beyond his reach.” Lately, at public forums Obama snivels and whimpers so much that even those in the press believe “Poor President Obama” thinks, “Everybody is picking on him.”

In the end the letter from the ingénue may end up benefiting Obama.  Always eager to campaign, maybe he will buck up and join the determined homecoming queen as she, “…plans to be at as many events as possible so she can meet the students she now represents.” As second half of a powerful miscellany duo, Barack can join the homecoming queen on her crusade to utilize the hula to persuade everyone to stop the negativity – disregard lack of qualifications and instead “…be proud of the changes our nation is making towards accepting diversity.”


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