Barry the Fred Astaire of Public Speaking

Barack Obama is a complex character and hard to describe in words.  For me the chasm between what the President says, and contradictory things he does, can only be explained visually.

When Obama takes to the podium smoothness, precision and succinct accuracy extraordinaire are on full display.  By far, Barack Obama is the Fred Astaire of speechifying.  Every time the President’s lips open to utter a word,  “the Ritz is put on” equal to, or exceeding, Fred stunning audiences by slipping on a pair of  tap shoes.  Fred Astaire shined at the RKO, and when it comes to public speaking, without fail, Obama scores a TKO.


However, a pesky problem arises after Barry leaves the dance floor and removes the spats, tails and  top hat.  What follows doesn’t even remotely resemble “Swing Time.” The actions of “Daddy Long Legs -Obama, ” if compared to dance floor finesse, more closely resembles  Steve Stifler in American Pie.

Obama’s words never match political or personal actions — be it hypocrisy, misstatements, or prevaricating.  Politically, Obama does a ton of Dirty Dancing.  Yet, when it comes to living out what he verbally professes,  Obama has two-left feet.

Hearing the leader of the free world speak may be like watching an elegant waltz, but when the President sits one out and leaves the teleprompter backstage,  the Commander-in-Chief resembles sophomoric dancers on a beer binge, attempting to execute a mistimed square dance.


For me, pictures speak louder than words. How about you?

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