The Truth about Trig, Tripp and Tim Tebow

Without a doubt, on Super Bowl Sunday, the liberal left will anoint football great Tim Tebow the second most despised person in America, exceeded only by Sarah Palin.  The Heisman trophy winner, together with the ex-governor of Alaska will bear the guilt for putting a human face on millions of aborted babies — none of whom the choice lobby care to acknowledge.

Just a few weeks ago, Down’s syndrome child Trig Palin a chubby, joyful toddler showed up alongside nephew Tripp on the InTouch Weekly cover. Like Trig, Tripp was spared from a biohazard bag when born to his teenage, unwed mother Bristol.  Adding insult to injury, the Sarah Palin story included the distasteful title, “We’re glad we chose life!”

Now, right in the middle of the Super Bowl, while Americans eating nachos and sipping beer anticipate raunchy Go Daddy commercials, pesky Tim Tebow and his obnoxious mother show up and spoil the party with an “anti-abortion commercial.”

First Sarah brings Trig and her pregnant, unwed daughter to the RNC convention.  Then, wild-eyed, religious fanatic Tim Tebow, together with Focus on the Family plan to ruin the fun by recounting the miraculous story of Tim’s birth.  If abortion activists fail to get the ad pulled from the Super Bowl ad line up, Pro-choice America may be forced to admit people actually do “Celebrate Family and Life” and Trig, Tripp and Tim prove it.

Given the option to choose death after being told her baby might be imperfect, Pam Tebow like Sarah, laid aside self-interest and chose to relinquish the role of God– both women chose life.  The result of that decision was a healthy newborn that grew into “one of the greatest college football players who ever lived.”  America doesn’t want to face a reality like that, especially when air time would better serve an ad for Victoria’s Secret.

Jembu Green, president of the NY-based Women’s Media Center feels, “An ad that uses sports to divide rather than unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year – an event designed to bring Americans together.”   Is it Jembu Green’s contention that dead fetuses somehow make a national sports event a unifying experience?

Tim’s nationally televised homage to his mother for letting him live must be stopped!  Why? Because Erin Matson, the Action VP for the National Organization for Women is offended. Matson expressed her opinion about the controversial ad by saying, “It is hate masquerading as love.  It sends a message that abortion is always a mistake.”  And who would know better than an abortion advocate like Ms. Matson about “love” and “masquerades”?  Isn’t Erin a representative of a group that promotes murder as choice?

Rest assured America, the only thing worse for pro-choicers than watching a pro-life ad on Super Bowl Sunday would be spotting Sarah Palin, Trig and Tripp in the crowd smiling and having a spectacular time.

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