Chinese to open ‘Club Obama’ – American Thinker. Blog – April 23, 2010

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It used to be the only Chinese nightclubs even remotely connected to Obama were the ones occasionally used by union thugs to goad the reluctant to vote Democrat.

Now we find out that those aren’t the type of nightclubs the Chinese are interested in promoting.  Communist Chinese business entrepreneurs think nights, clubs and Obama spell so much fun they are opening an Obama Nightclub in Shanghai, China.  Due to open soon, the “details about how exactly the club is Obama-themed still are scarce.”

Promotional materials found by the Shanghaiist blog hint that, like Barack Obama, the nightclub will bring to Chinese nightlife “international glamor, excitement and refined luxury.

When it comes to glamor, Obama epitomizes the word. Glamor is defined as an “air of compelling charm, romance, and excitement, especially when delusively alluring. A magic spell; enchantment.” Since the new Camelot set up camp in Washington DC, who could argue enchanting world citizen, Barack Obama has failed to cast a spell over America?  Obama is alluring to some, but delusive to more. So “delusively alluring” certainly describes Obama-style international glamor.

If the Chinese also seek “excitement” Obama is sure to deliver.  America has been the hub of non-stop excitement for 18 months. What could be more exciting than soaring debt, or the adrenaline rush associated with diminished national security.  Or what about the delicate tension between raw anxiety and the exhilaration that comes with the knowledge that renewing your license plates and receiving a prostate exam can all be accomplished at the same locale? Obama promises oodles of excitement

As far as “refined” and “luxury” go, Barack Obama symbolizes both.  Soft-spoken Barack Obama is never coarse or vulgar.  The refined President is the quintessence of elegance, subtle in style, discriminating in taste and purified to perfection in the fire of radicalism. If the Chinese are promising refinement in an establishment modeled after Obama, Obama embodies formal fine-tuning.

As far as “luxury,” which is defined as something that is “inessential, but conducive to pleasure and comfort…expensive or hard to obtain, [or] sumptuous living or surroundings,” both Barry and Michelle are opulence lovers. Obama, demeans lavish lifestyles and high salaries for everyone else, but personally enjoys haute couture, fine dining at home and abroad and all the accouterments that accompany earning $5-million dollars in one year selling books talking purely about none other than, himself

Maybe the Chinese can bring Obama extravagance to the Shanghai nightclub scene by recruiting Michelle Obama’s interior designer Michael Smith whose “interest [is] in traditional though not pedantic museum settings.” Smith would likely be open to draping the club’s walls in a traditional Obama family favorite, Mao red.

The nightclub is not open, but does have an under construction web site introducing an interesting logo that provides a hint the Red Chinese may understand the President of the United States better than many clueless Americans.

On a black background is a woman’s leg, “pink” in color, peeking out from the letter “O”– sort of a pink-O symbol that spells out for Chinese partiers that if you want to find Club Obama, look for the pink-O. China’s Obama Entertainment Club has positioned itself to be a Shanghai hot spot where high-rolling communist Chinese and Obama pink-Os can officially go clubbing at night.

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