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Following presidential example, Danny Glover decided to express sentiment toward America not in words but by failing to place his hand over his heart during the color guard presentation of the American flag at Utah State University’s commencement ceremony.

Keynote speaker and ardent supporter of socialist regimes, Danny Glover, “told The Salt Lake Tribune after the ceremony that he doesn’t typically cover his heart during flag ceremonies and he meant no disrespect.” Heck if President Obama doesn’t adhere to the United States flag code and is exempt from putting his  hand over his heart during the pledge, why would a Hollywood actor be held to a different standard?

Glover, defended his action claiming, “I was listening to the national anthem and paying attention. I probably wasn’t the only one in there who didn’t put a hand over their heart.”  Glover can say that again!

Apparently graduates and those in attendance largely approved of Glover’s irreverence toward the flag and National Anthem, “intermittent booing throughout the graduation was largely overpowered by clapping and cheering.”

Glover was unbowed by patriotic student criticism, which was deemed “stupid,” “rude” and “disrespectful” by Lethal Weapon fans in attendance.  Largely, many students considered Glover’s behavior neither, stupid, rude or disrespectful.  In fact, Danny Glover was  “rewarded with a standing ovation by the majority of the large crowd,” similar to the type of lauding, Barack Obama often receives when showing contempt toward the nation he leads.

Glover said this isn’t the first time, “I’ve been booed before. People have problems sometimes with what I believe and who I talk to.” Danny Glover said, “I try to respect people, honor them.”  For Danny, when it comes to insolence and detestable behavior, the actor restricts obnoxia to the American flag and the country that brought him immeasurable wealth and success.

“It was the crowd surrounding [Glover’s] critics that finally quieted the disruptive yelling.” Morgan Jackson, “who came to watch her cousin Sidney Allen graduate,” said “the constant booing a few rows behind her was ‘irritating’.”  Excuse me, Morgan; were Danny Glover’s manners inspiring and refreshing?

Jackson said, “You would think you could let this be about the people who were graduating today.” Morgan opined the hecklers “probably didn’t know anyone graduating and only came to cause a scene.”  Not that Danny was causing a scene or sending a subliminal message.

A black USC football player said “it meant a lot, after being a minority on the Logan campus for four years, to have Glover accept an honorary doctorate. The celebrity’s speech, which highlighted many advances for minorities in the past 63 years since Glover’s birth, was inspirational.”  Apparently on the left African American advancement includes pardon for unpatriotic, impious conduct.

Glover, close friend of Venezuelan environmental President Hugo Chavez, inspired graduates by sharing the opinion that “global warming is real and that climate change is a human-rights issue, as well as an environmental issue,” bringing many to their feet in agreement.

UNICEF good-will ambassador, Glover also “talked about the dangers of Arizona’s proposed immigration Senate Bill 1070 and about his efforts to fight work-force discrimination and poverty in places such as Haiti,” but failed to mention UNICEF’s support for groups advocating worldwide slaughter of the unborn.

Beckoning New Age power honorary doctorate Danny Glover told graduates at an institute of higher learning, “Maybe with all our force, all our conviction, all our humility, all our understanding, we can make something get done.”

And hopefully accomplish that end without placing our hand over our heart or exhibiting respect for the nation offering all of us every opportunity for success?


  1. Isaac Martin

    I emailed a comment to the USU Alumi Association and received a reply. They follow below:

    As a humble USU grad, I would like to comment on the story regarding Danny Glover’s commencement speech.

    Mr. Glover says he doesn’t cover his heart during flag ceremonies; he means no disrespect. Is that the same disrespect that President Obama showed when photographed during the Pledge of Allegiance while in front of an American flag and everyone but he had their hands over their hearts?

    Mr. Glover claims he probably wasn’t the only one. He’s right, but he’s on stage and the focus of attention. Appearances count, particularly when it comes to symbols of patriotism.

    USU’s selection reflects a typical academia left orbit. I hoped that with the more conservative Utah environment, and more deserving speakers (how about William Bennett; or David Kirkham of Kirkham Motorsports. He could speak about the wheel chair he’s designing that can handle the rugged demands of a third world environment), USU could remain detached from it.

    I guess not.
    Isaac Martin
    Class ‘74

    The reply:

    Thanks Isaac for your thoughts and recommendation for future speakers. We seek, as an institution of higher learning, to bring to our campus individuals of accomplishment who have lived noteworthy lives, even if way may not personally agree with them. It is a longstanding tradition of higher education to confront ideas and to encourage open dialogue. I wish to emphasize, however, that the participation of any of our speakers on campus does not imply university endorsement or validation of their political views or social stands. On the other hand, the university does strongly advocate free expression and providing opportunities for its students to be exposed to a wide range of views and thought. Mr. Glover’s speech focused on service. He urged students to get involved and to make a difference in the world. He was well received by our students that included a standing ovation. It was a successful and memorable commencement that recognized the achievements of our graduating seniors and celebrated their accomplishments. We extend to them our heartiest congratulations.

    All the best,

    John DeVilbi

    • jeannieology

      Thank you Isaac for speaking out on behalf of this great nation that is being slapped around and disrespected by liberals.

      Its because of patriots like yourself that there is still hope for the future.


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