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It’s a classic story; a bully repeatedly trounces an opponent and then finally, after having had enough the bloodied, bruised victim rises and walks away.  That appears to be what happened after Obama’s continued Wall Street plummeting caused financial big wigs to exit the love-fest.

“Democrats on Capitol Hill say those in the financial industry are tired,” of being Obama’s punching bag.  They also don’t appreciate, “Democrats crafting legislation to tightly regulate them.” According to one House Democratic lawmaker Wall Street, supports”individuals, but not the party…I think there’s been some push back from the [financial] community.

Could thuggery have inspired the punching bag to let the hot air out of Barack Obama’s “assail?” Besides, how much credibility can a person expect to have if demonizing fat cats is the basis for fund raising at $50,000-dollar a couple events?

Obama flew into the Big Apple to attend the glitzy St. Regis affair. Wall Street power players excused themselves from the position of punching bag for the night and skipped the dry chicken and twice baked potatoes.  Instead of Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan,Obama speechified “Carrie Bradshaw” and “Ferris Bueller” into submission and did so for a hefty haul of currency, slated for nervous Democratic candidates, who probably wish Barry would shut up.

Obama doesn’t get it, beating up Wall Street dries up funds faster than raising taxes on business, but then again, Barack’s math grades have never officially been made public.

Even Democrats are admitting, “Wall Street money has dried up for the party,” and an official from one of the major investment firms confirmed its people decided to forgo the festivities.Apparently the word was out, “We won’t be attending.”  Come on guys, what’s another split lip or couple of rhetorical stitches above the right eye?

One attendee said, “I didn’t see anyone from the big firms. I did see some folks from sort of some mid-level-range hedge funds.” Ed Towns (D-Brooklyn) said afterward. “I would recognize a lot of them, but I didn’t see any.”

Speaking on behalf of the poor, indigent and oppressed Obama reiterated the call for Wall Street reform and in the process raised $1.3 million from 185 donors. Although Sarah Jessica Parker was in attendance the President didn’t cover the greed exhibited by exorbitant Hollywood salaries or the $75-million dollar Sex in the City 2, film budget.

Instead, Obama continued to pound Wall Street saying,”There are a lot of good people who work in the financial industry who do things the right way.” Yet there remain those who”operate irresponsibly, they don’t just threaten themselves, they threaten the entire economy. We need reform to ensure they operate in an honest, fair and open way.”-An introspective indictment, perhaps?

It was reported Obama’s condemnation failed to garner the slightest reaction from the well-heeled, St. Regis crowd.As Barry the battering ram battered on,New York City donors may have come to the realization they too were sitting targets.

Maybe someone whispered in Sarah Jessica and Matthew’s ear that while busily punching out the Street for “irresponsibility,”a reckless Barack cut Big Apple homeland security? By slashing “mass transit grants by 27 percent and port grants by 25 percent,” Barry singlehandedly placed NYC in great danger.

Seems that while Goldman Sachs was being railed on in absentia, the fawning Sex in the City star was delivered an unexpected sucker punch.  The President took $50,000-dollars and then left faithful supporter Sarah Jessica Parker in the city,with less security living under a looming cloud of impending terrorism.

Wonder who’ll attend Obama’s next fundraiser?

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