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Imagine — graduating from an influential military academy. Graduation Day comes, and America’s finest are forced to respectfully endure oratory drivel, spoken by a left-wing radical loosely disguised as a president.

That is exactly what West Point cadets were subjected to at the 2010 commencement address delivered by Barack Obama. Elite American soldiers/scholars were informed by the Commander-in-Chief that defending America is now on par with the advancement of Obama’s unique vision for “international order.”

The president said,

You have pushed yourself through the agony of Beast Barracks; the weeks of training in rain and mud; and, I am told, more inspections and drills than perhaps any class before you. Along the way, I’m sure you faced moments when you asked yourself: “What am I doing here?”

Based on the cadets’ lackluster response to the keynote speaker, the question should have been posed to Obama: “No, what are you doing here?”

Barack’s commencement address gave graduates an opportunity to put into practice the class motto: “Loyal ‘Til the End.” Respectful cadets exemplified patriotic deference to the office of the president despite the person possessing the title.

Imagine enduring years of grueling study and training to then hear that military performance will be measured not only by grit and commitment, but also by understanding, “cultures, traditions and languages in the places where you serve.”

Obama’s global vision motto should be “Duty, Honor, and Other Countries.”

In addition to advancing international order, President Obama looked out over a sea of gray-suited graduates and, true to form, inserted into the discussion gender politics. Obama lauded “Liz Betterbed and Alex Rosenberg” as the first female cadets in West Point history to earn the top two awards. In a military dedicated to identification as a whole, Obama verbally divided the singular assembly into sexual groupings.

Obama used the speech to carry on with the unrelenting chastisement of Bush, couching disdain in war talk:

For many years, our focus was on Iraq. Year after year, our troops faced a set of challenges there that were as daunting as they were complex.  A lesser Army might have seen its spirit broken. But the American military is more resilient than that … As we end the war in Iraq, we are pressing forward in Afghanistan[.]

President Obama neither accepts blame nor gives credit, so he offered Bush no thanks. Instead, he proposed “political solutions” to dealing with terrorist insurgencies here and abroad. No wonder the cadets clapped as if being elbowed by a commanding officer.

Armed with “a strategy of national renewal and global leadership,” Obama spoke of a “horizon” ahead filled with “peace and prosperity” in a world filled with butterflies, rainbows, and the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong-il, and various and sundry despots, tyrants, and control freaks.

Soldiers graduating from West Point were exhorted to lift their vision toward “national renewal,” better defined as Obama-induced state-run destruction.

Speaking of damage, Barack highlighted the “era of economic transformation and individual empowerment; of ancient hatreds and new dangers; of emerging powers and global challenges.” The president didn’t disappoint; he remembered to remind cadets that “too many of our institutions have acted irresponsibly.” Is this the reason why Obama is transforming the economy by undermining individual empowerment, stirring up hatred, coddling emerging dictatorial powers, and focusing on global versus national challenges?

Renowned historian Barack Obama reminded cadets, “At no time in human history has a nation of diminished economic vitality maintained its military and political primacy.” This raises the question: Why is the president doing everything in his power to undermine the economic vitality of America?

Obama’s statement that “America’s armed forces, [though] adapting to changing times,” are “efforts [that] must be complemented,” indicated renewed presidential interest in a civilian security force “just as powerful and just as strong” as the U.S. military.

In a world replete with cross-currents of noncooperation, Barack laid out plans to resolve the challenges of our generation by placing America in currents of nonexistent international cooperation.

Does Barack Obama expect West Point cadets to accept the premise that nuclear weapons and materials will be stopped and secured by some sort of global solidarity effort? Is the American military also supposed to accept terrorists intent on blowing up innocent people in Times Square, or, God forbid, will gunning down soldiers on a military base be discouraged by some ethereal new world order?

In addition to an ad for global citizenry, the West Point 2010 graduation became another platform for Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama to rally on behalf of Islam. Is West Point’s military graduation really an appropriate setting to advocate for better treatment of Muslims?

At any rate, President Obama told cadets, “We see it in al-Qaeda’s gross distortion of Islam, their disrespect for human life, and their attempts to prey upon fear, and hatred, and prejudice. … Extremists want a war between America and Islam, but Muslims are a part of our national life, including those who serve in our Army.”

Just like the Army major that perpetrated the bloodbath at Fort Hood?

However, despite the many Nidal Hasan wannabes dwelling among us, Obama believes that “[w]e cannot succumb to division because others try to drive us apart. We are the [USA]. We’ve repaired our union, faced down fascism, and outlasted communism. We have gone through turmoil and come out stronger, and we will do so once more.”

Sounds more like the restitution period America will need to undergo when — or if — Obama ever decides to leave public office.

Obama encouraged the promotion of values worldwide “through fidelity to the rule of law and our Constitution, even when it’s hard,” which is a stunningly disingenuous statement, coming as it does from someone who flouts the rule of law. Governor Jan Brewer’s biggest critic is Barack Obama, who, together with the federal government, resists Arizona’s attempt to enforce immigration law.

Continuing with the address, Obama said, “Where an individual is silenced, we aim to be her voice. Where ideas are suppressed, we provide space for open debate … Where human dignity is denied, America opposes poverty and is a source of opportunity. That is who we are. That is what we do.”

This is the same man who mocks the Tea Party and disparages Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News. Let’s not forget that Barack also approves of leaving infants born alive after botched abortions to die, void of an iota of human dignity. Obama’s policies promote poverty and deprive opportunity, and thanks to his exceptional leadership, “[t]hat is who we now are. That is what we now do.”

Obama told cadets that they have “a long and hard road” to travel. “You go abroad because your service is fundamental to our security back home. You go abroad as representatives of the values that this country was founded upon,” which seems like a fruitless endeavor because founding values are what Obama’s international order and socialistic agenda are in the process of destroying.

The president finished up by saying, “And when you inevitably face setbacks — when the fighting is fierce or a village elder is fearful; when the end that you are seeking seems uncertain — think back to West Point”…and a speech that presents soldiers with the probing question: “What exactly are we fighting for?”

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