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Eighteen to 40 million gallons of oil are presently churning around in the Gulf of Mexico.  Crude oil is polluting water and wetlands.  Like an artery spewing forth lifeblood, “sticky, rusty” sludge has turned the Louisiana coastline into a disaster area.

Although dreadful, the oil slick situation points to an even larger national predicament. The moral, political and social ablation besetting America has picked up speed and solutions being administered by a neophyte president reveal an unprecedented level of incompetence, lack of experience and spectacular ineptitude.

Recently, Obama stretched his staff over the water articulating support for driving golf balls into America’s injured rig— the effort proved unproductive. Similarly, halfway into a presidential top kill endeavor many are coming to realize Obama falls short of the nation’s misappropriated expectations. However, unlike the oil spill, it will be more than twenty-four months before America can “move on to another strategy.”

Windy City vacationer Barack Obama responded to BP’s inability to curtail oil spillage.  Barry toweled off after filling one hole in a basketball hoop to issue a breathless statement that top kill would be abandoned. The President said, “While we initially received optimistic reports about the procedure, it is now clear that it has not worked.”

Trying to hinder a grease hemorrhage from overtaking the Gulf is similar to watching Obama run the country.  For two years, Mr. Obama has criticized everyone and promoted himself as the proprietary answer to all of America’s problems.  Now, as the pressure mounts and the political waters turn to “harsh and embittering” wormwood, the president still hasn’t admitted he has nary a clue.

Obama leads and failure follows.  The president’s wild guess policy solutions, like millions of Titleist Golf Balls mixed with mud, are continually thrown against the political wall in hopes something sticks. Nothing ever does.

Legions of people chanting “Yes We Can,” juxtaposed against Obama’s statements that include words like “exhausted attempts” and “additional risk,” should jar national sensibilities.  Supporters of a man who promised the world, must be secretly thinking, “If Obama can’t manage a hole in the side of an oil rig what about all those messianic vows to usher in global peace, run health care, subdue nuclear dictators, and deliver economic solutions?”

In Louisiana a technician who worked on the “project to stem the oil leak said that neither the top kill nor the ‘junk shot’ came close to succeeding because the pressure of oil and gas escaping from the well was simply too powerful to overcome.”

The spokesperson attempted to express the disappointment related to failed attempts at stopping the cataclysmic event.  The supposed reason hinged on systemic lack of  “complete enough understanding of the inner workings of drill pipe casing or blowout preventer mechanisms to make the efforts work.”

Inner working deficiency and “pressure too powerful to overcome,” aptly describes the situation reaching far beyond the Gulf of Mexico.  Barack Obama’s attempt to tourniquet a spewing well of political trouble has resulted in exacerbated problems and bolstered dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, Michel Claudet, president of Louisiana’s Terrebonne Parrish, inadvertently summed up national sentiment by expressing local outlook.  Mr. Claudet said, “I’m trying to remain hopeful, but it was increasingly difficult.  As every item fails, I am less and less optimistic.”

Therefore, as political tactician and hoopster Barry dribbles his way around University of Chicago hardwood, hope prevails.  Maybe the President will credit swooshing for the bright idea to plug the oil rig with basketballs, instead of golf balls; and in doing so affirm, for any who doubt, Obama’s talent to singlehandedly destroy the little that’s left of American hopefulness.

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