True Liberal Across the Water

Elton John is turning out to be quite a freethinking firebrand.  First, he performs at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding and then defies world opinion by playing a rock concert in an unpopular place like the nation of Israel.

Could it be that Elton John is actually intelligent enough to understand Rush’s tongue-in-cheek sarcastic humor? Moreover, could the rock icon be so observant that, despite the flamboyant eyewear, Elton John is able to discern the true culprit instigating the crisis in the Middle East?

John doesn’t seem to be the type of a man who is easily swayed by liberal opinion, which may be why he has managed to avoid being crowned gay trophy child by the left.

As a homosexual, Elton John seems sensitive to stereotyping and uncalled for bullying.  The rocker’s Israel concert was John standing with the right to self-defense after Israeli soldiers were “mobbed and clubbed” on ships carrying “aid and activists to the Gaza strip.”

Fresh from a recent performance at a likeminded Obama White House ignoramus rock star Elvis Costello “cited Israeli government policies” as the reason for cancelling concerts in the Jewish state.

In a round about way, Elton John criticized performers like the Pixies for politicizing music and taking sides by saying, “We do not cherry-pick our consciences.”

Donning “blue-tinted sunglasses,” Elton reassured the audience of 50,000 enthusiastic fans at Tel Aviv stadium, “those cancellations ‘ain’t gonna stop me from playing here, baby’.”

It is nice to see that although Israel is subject to an ever “growing sense of isolation,” at least one rock star is not defending Palestinian rock throwers.  Playing a huge concert in Tel Aviv was Elton John’s way of refusing to participate in the incessant bombardment of hatred and condemnation presently being hurled toward Israel from every corner of the globe.

Lest we forget, “liberal” is defined as “broadmindedness” in both thought and political stance.  A liberal is someone supposedly “tolerant of opponent’s opinions.” Elton John has been liberal in the attitude he repeatedly demonstrates. Although accused of being a closet conservative, Elton’s treatment of both Rush Limbaugh and Israel proves he “can see very well.”  A guy who many view as a Madman Across the Water, may turn out to be the only true liberal alive today.

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