‘The Rent is too damn high guy’ not what he’s cracked up to be

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Everybody’s fussing about “The rent is too damn high” New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan because it appears Jimmy doesn’t pay rent, damn high, way low or otherwise.

Either way, what’s the big deal? Jimmy is just another in a long list of politicians that appeal to Americans about issues they holler about and pretend to personally identify with, but in truth are unscathed by.

In fact, according to the New York Times, McMillan hasn’t paid a cent of rent since the 1980’s when McMillan began to “live rent free in exchange for maintenance work.” Jimmy is busy yapping about high rent after having saved almost $250,000, over 25 years, at $800 per month.

While Jimmy’s creative campaign may resemble a fictional story, the rent-free activist’s political style is blatantly Barack-inspired.

Jimmy McMillan had to have learned from Obama. The gubernatorial candidate demands from others while submitting to no one – complaining about high rent while not paying rent.

It very well may be that after watching Barry tall-tale his way to the top, Jimmy figured why not create a political party similar to the Democrat Party, where a candidate stands for one thing while doing another.

Following the example of the community organizer who woke up in the White House, McJimmy mimicked Obama’s catchy sloganeering and false pretense in hopes of catapulting yet another inexperienced renegade from the streets of Flatbush right into the Governor’s mansion.

Following in the footsteps of Barack, who continues to maintain that “What the naysayers don’t understand is that this election has never been about me. It’s been about you.” McMillan, when challenged as to why his platform does not represent his personal life, claimed in true Obama style: “It’s not about my rent. It’s not about me.” Mr. McMillan, like Mrs. Obama, is merely concerned “about the children’s future…[and] where will they stay?”

Maybe Mr. McMillan honed his political chops by secretly visiting Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s anti-Semitic church. Like Barack, Jimmy doesn’t appear to exhibit a fond affection for Israel.  In fact, Jimmy McMillan has “been accused of posting anti-Semitic rhetoric on his website that blames Jewish landlords for the lack of affordable housing in Williamsburg.”

So the eccentric “fired up” no-rent-payer campaigns in the tradition of Barack Obama, where “indignant pontification doesn’t appear to stem from personal experience” and whose rant that “The rent is too damn high” may just be a more folksy, down-to-earth rendition of slogans like “Yes We Can” and “Hope and Change.”

New Yorkers shouldn’t disqualify New York’s very own tall taleteller just because he promotes a concept he doesn’t adhere to himself. With a little more practice, Brooklyn’s Jimmy McMillan could very well surpass his political mentor Barack Hussein Obama in style and substance and be ready to run for president.


  1. Sandy

    Ron Johsnon “Promotes a concept he doesn’t adhere
    to himself.” He wants to repeal the HealthCare Bill.
    He has prison workers at his factory, that the state of WI pays for their healthcare. He has low income
    workers at his factory that, have to get WI low income health coverage.

  2. jeannieology

    Let’s hope the Health Care Bill gets repealed if not at least defunded. Prison workers should work and how do you know how much he pays the workers? Have you seen his payroll? Obviously Sandy you’d prefer the federal government pay for health care than the state of Wisconsin – which makes loads of sense.

    How about change the health care system, allow insurance to be bought across state lines, establish medical savings accounts and have most people pay out of pocket to well visits which would drive generic health care prices down? How does personal responsibility sound for a change?

    Seeing as 30 million out of 300 million don’t have or don’t want health care, which means 270 million do and are happy with what they have why destroy the best health care system in the world to accommodate illegal immigrants and 20 year-olds who don’t want health care? Hmmm?

  3. jeannieology

    One additional thought if I may:

    Ron Johnson I’m sure is assisting some sort of jobs service program for prisoners…they have them in every state to help move prisoners from prison to work. Prisoner’s health insurance is paid by the state/government so it stands to reason their health care would be paid.

    As for the low wage foreign workers if they are not American citizens its also possible in some states they may have problems getting private health care.

    Logic tells you if Ron Johnson wants a health care bill repealed that would provide health insurance for everyone on the government — its highly unlikely he is depending on something government funded to cover the health care needs of his employees…if someone is looking for a way to shirk personal responsibility it doesn’t make sense that they would oppose a bill that would assist them in irresponsible behavior — just saying.

  4. Sandy

    greenbay press gazette
    Only,states: they are low paid workers. NOT “foreign workers” at PACUR. AP Article
    Who pays them these low wages?
    They are on Badger CARE. Is that not government funded health care, Mr Johnson?

    If elected does he PLEDGE:
    Not to sigh up for the government run Health Care
    my tax dollars provid to Congress members.

  5. jeannieology

    Low pay workers have to make a minimum wage you just can’t decide what to pay workers on a whim. Low skilled workers make lower pay.

    And if their skill level is so low it sometimes costs more to cover their health care than it costs to pay them wages which is not exactly good business…these people are on Badger care because Ron Johnson doesn’t give them health care (which may not be cost efficient) not because he puts them on Badger care.

    Now either they work for him and get paid and go on Badger care or they don’t work and go on welfare and Badger care, which is better — double cost or single cost — from a taxpayers point of view that is?

    Don’t worry if health care gets pushed through (God forbid) everyone within a couple of years will be on the government…you, me, the prisoners and the low paid workers – same care in clinics with long waits and shoddy care! Yippee!!

  6. Sandy

    “Clinics with long waits and shoddy care.”
    Both my children were born in Naval Hospitals.

    God forbid our fellows Americans receive the SAME
    “shoddy care” we members of Congress have.

    The “taxpayer subisidized care” members of Congress
    and their families and Supreme Court Justices receive.
    Is at Bethesda Naval Hospital.
    Two examples:
    1987 Mrs. Reagan had a mastectomy at Bethesda
    2003 Senator McConnell had bypass surgery at
    at Bethesda
    Their “shoddy care” includes:
    When they do not like the “shoddy care” at
    Bethesda in D.C. They can feel free to go to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C.

    They receive better care than most taxpayers.

    We in Congress got ours and we plan NOT to
    Repeal it.

  7. Sandy

    You will not be waiting in this clinic.
    Office of Attending Physician. The “on-site
    medical clinic” located between the House and the
    Senate. To provide care for Congress members.
    This clinic is well staffed.
    2-2008 John Boehner – surgery for buldging disc
    at Bethesda

  8. Hey Jeannie,
    i tried to listen to this guy UGH!Hannity was trying to find out HOW much rent he paid and he just wouldn’t answer the question. ALL I can say is AT LEAST he has to work for his rent … that’s about all I can say. God bless you and I hope you check out my new conservative blog.

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