Obama to GOP: ‘They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.’

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Democrats are about to be trounced in the midterm elections, and if the pundits are correct the emergency brakes are about to be slammed on Obama’s out of control liberal agenda.   In response to the predictions of a Republican tidal wave coupled together with lack of enthusiasm for the Democrat party and Barack’s policies, the President is stumping for Democrat candidates as if his life depended on it.

The Democrat Party is certainly giving it their all. Stumper/early voter Michelle Obama is showing up all over America. Nuclear-code-loser Bill Clinton has found his way to “95 campaign stops for 65 candidates.” Clinton is so committed to the cause that the former president isn’t even deterred by venues only 1/3 full.

And then there is Barry, who is busy burning tax payer-purchased jet fuel and whipping up the base from Delaware to Boston, Ohio to Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and finally to Providence, Rhode Island.

Barack Obama appears to be acutely aware that the upcoming midterm election is firming up to be a referendum on his Presidency.  Couple that with Obama not taking kindly to criticism let alone an electoral rebuke and the situation is becoming explosive.

Consequently, Obama is revealing himself as a master of verbal thuggery, adept at instigating adversaries with extreme comments that can be interpreted in more than one way. Barack Obama couches intense statements in double entendres to provide, if challenged, an “I didn’t mean that” way of escape.

With each stop along the Get out the Vote tour, and the closer it gets to November 2, an increasingly irate Barack Obama appears to be ramping up the rhetoric and attacking Republicans with increasing “gusto.” Apparently, dredging up George W. Bush must be getting old because America’s “post racial president” decided it was time to say something truly outrageous.

After refusing to endorse his party’s gubernatorial candidate and being told by Rhode Island Democrat Frank Caprio to “take his endorsement and shove it,” Obama kicked it up a notch and played the Rosa Parks card.  That’s right – Obama, America’s first African American president, decided nothing else was working and utilized the opportunity to stir up memories of Jim Crow and discrimination against black Americans.

Beating the blame drum, the President said, “Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch and then stood by and criticized while Democrats pulled it out.”  Barack finished the “driving into a ditch” comment, with a stunning remark, “Now that progress has been made we can’t have special interests sitting shotgun. We gotta have middle class families up in front. We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back.”

How much more provocative a comment could anyone make? Does Barack believe in political segregation?  After lauding Rosa Parks for her “solitary act of civil disobedience” for refusing to sit in the back of the bus, Obama now relegates political adversaries to a seat viewed as a place of banishment for those rejected by an obviously politically prejudiced president.

There is no denying that Obama is attempting to reenact an “established rule” and send the political adversaries of the Democrat Party to the “back of the bus.”  The President’s pathetic political ploy isn’t going to work, because just like Rosa Parks, the American people – regardless of race, creed or ideology – are weary from two years of Obama’s liberal policies.  Next Tuesday Americans will take a seat in the front of the bus and don’t plan to surrender that seat to Barack Obama or anyone else.


  1. Dexter Smyth

    I’m a firm believer the we are under the crosshairs of a muslim based group who groomed and financially backed “one of their own”. To infultrate and destroy our great country from the inside out. If you have the “that could never happen” attitude … just look at 9/11, and thsleeper Russian Spy Cell living under our noses for years. They were deeply entrenched and working unnoticed for years … possibly decades, and noone knew it. Then, what do we do?? We let them go… WAKE UP AMERICA!!! THIS IS REAL …IT’S VERY REAL AND HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK!! WAKE UP!!

  2. James Pyle

    It is way past time for all Americans to wake up and understand just what the “Rosa Parks” fiasco was all about. That incident did not JUST HAPPEN as we have been told it did. That INCIDENT was planned, along with Martin Luther King, Jr’s participation, to really get an uprising in America to the plight of Blacks. It was no accident. If so, why was the media on hand to record all the events? Obama is playing with danger which could backfire on him and all who choose to follow his socialist/Marxist training, with the purpose of destroying the United States. Yes, as stated in the article accompanying this comment, Obama was “selected, groomed, funded, and emplaced where he could do the most damage to our Nation” by those who would destroy us. To those familiar with the goals of Communism, he is right on schedule with his outrageous cuts and taxes and graft and corruption and supplements. He is not an American. He is almost what we who have been curious about him, something that fell from space and just happened to land in Kenya, from whence he began the journey to come here and really screw things up for evedybody. If there be any doubt about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr and their parts in the racial uprisings, read about the school that was being conducted by Communist leaders, located in Tennessee,attended by Parks and King, where they were joined by other Black leaders who worked for and with King. And now, Obama has started that “back of the bus” thing all over again. If he doesn’t know what he is doing, he is playing with fire which cannot be extinguished. He is sick and needs to be run out of office now. He is a pimple on the fanny of Americans everywhere. And we know what you do with pimples. And, unlike Michelle, I have always been proud to be an American, in good times and in bad. I never had to make a choice as she apparently did when her husband slithered his way into our presidency. He is an abomination to everything America stands for. Hopefully Congress can and will take care of that problem so we can return to normalcy, whatever that might be now that he has spent his first two years totally dismantling our government and throughly destroying our foreign relations programs. I wonder if he has had any offers from his Muslim friends to come live with them in their native countries. What a blessing for us, maybe.

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