Muslims vs. Martyrs

Originally posted at American Thinker.

President Obama has assumed the role of a traveling advocate for Islam. Every chance the president gets, he climbs on a soapbox to address issues of callousness toward the Muslim faith. The president is well-practiced in Muslim apologetics, and regardless of nation or venue, he stresses the need for tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of all things Mohammad.

When traveling abroad, America’s living example of ecumenical tolerance makes it a priority to identify first with the religious roots of his childhood, while at home, the president forfeits religious neutrality only when hosting Ramadan celebrations at the White House.

As far as Christianity is concerned, Obama takes a “not just” approach to clarify America as “no longer a Christian nation.” In fact, Obama mentions his personal conversion to the Christian faith only as an addendum. Moreover, the president has yet to expound upon how someone so obviously enamored of Islam could leave such a “great religion” (he was registered as a Muslim in school in Indonesia) for Christendom if convinced that foundational principles of “advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings” are common to both faiths — a belief proven false daily.

In Obama’s worldwide undeniably pro-Muslim sermons, the plight of the persecuted Christian church goes unmentioned. Not once has Obama called to task the mujahedin who systematically murder and deny both Jews and Christians the respect Barack demands the world bestow on the religion of his youth.

Take Iraq, for instance. Recently, 53 Iraqi Christians were murdered in a church raid by militant Muslims in Bagdad. “Gunmen identifying themselves as members of the Islamic State of Iraq … broke through [a] cathedral’s security wall, took 100 worshipers hostage and shot the priest. Most of the victims died hours later when the attackers detonated suicide vests as security forces raided the building.”

The subjugation of Iraqi Christians is so unrelenting that since the start of the war in 2003, 1.3 million Christians have diminished to what is now estimated at below half a million.

If religious tolerance is what drives Barack Hussein Obama, then why has he failed to mention the brutal persecution of a faith to which he purportedly adheres? In fact, when provided the opening to address the blood of Christian martyrs, Barack shrewdly twists the question into yet another excuse to promote Islam.

Obama concentrates on the supposed difficulties Muslims face as a minority religion in America, yet while in Cairo, America’s “assalaamu alaykum” president overlooked the struggles endured by Egypt’s largest religious minority, the Coptic Christians, and instead placated Islam — a religion guilty of bigotry toward all other faiths.

In Ankara, Turkey — where, by law, Iranian converts from Islam to Christianity who remain in Turkey face court-ordered arrest and deportation for apostasy — Barack stated the following:

And we will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over so many centuries to shape the world for the better — including my own country. The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans. Many other Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim-majority country — I know, because I am one of them.

Similar oppressive situations exist for Christians around the globe. In Pakistan, the president puts more effort into the “exotic pronunciation” of Pock-ee-ston than addressing the pressing issue of Asia Bibi, sentenced to death by a judge for “blasphemy after she engaged in a religious discussion with co-workers.” Why, when visiting Asia, did Obama neglect to mention Muslims unjustly beating Bibi for her faith, locking her in a room, and announcing “from mosque loudspeakers that she would be punished by having her face blackened and being paraded through the village on a donkey”?

Barack Obama has been feted in Muslim countries, has bowed to the Protector of Mecca and Medina, and has appeased nations that define “the Middle East policy of former U.S. President George Bush as ‘sickening,’ and accuse America of ‘contributing to the slaughter of innocents’ by supporting Israel.” And he continues to do so while Christian pastors sit shackled in prison cells in Turkmenistan and face certain death in Iran.

In Ethiopia, converts to Christianity are attacked regularly by Muslims, while in India, where Obama spent time Koli dancing with schoolchildren, Muslim students severed a Christian professor’s hand in response test questions given months prior on an exam.

What really stands out is how Obama, while recently visiting the most populous Muslim country in the world, squandered an opportunity to speak on behalf of persecuted Indonesian Christians.

It was there that Barack Obama chose to reminisce about hearing the Muslim call to prayer and to stand barefoot beside Michelle wearing a “head-covering adorned with gold beads” at the Istiqlal Mosque in central Jakarta. While there, Obama spoke of “Indonesia’s history of religious tolerance and its commitment to democracy.”

Either Obama failed to do pre-trip research, or he felt that the 2005 decapitation of three little girls from a Christian school did not meet the litmus test for religious intolerance. Barack never mentioned “[t]he girls’ severed heads … dumped in plastic bags in their village in Indonesia’s strife-torn Central Sulawesi province, along with a handwritten note threatening more such attacks.” The note, written in the blood of innocents, read, “Wanted: 100 more Christian heads, teenaged or adult, male or female; blood shall be answered with blood, soul with soul, head with head.”

While in Indonesia, Obama also ignored “incidents of church attacks and religious violence … throughout Java outside of traditional ‘hot spots’ such as Greater Jakarta and West Java.”

At home, the president espouses the “right” to build controversial mosques like Cordoba House in New York City, but he has not yet broached the subject of Muslim protestors, in the name of “interfaith harmony,” preventing Indonesian Christians from building churches. Moreover, while visiting a Muslim country that excludes Israelis from entry, the president felt it appropriate to rebuke Israel for housing plans in Israel’s capital, calling the holy city of Jerusalem a settlement.

As exemplified by Iran’s vow to usher in a “world without Zionism,” most people are well aware that aggression exists toward Israel. Nonetheless, Americans remain largely uninformed that Christians are “despised and rejected,” jailed, beaten, and martyred in countries where Muslim majorities subjugate minority religions.

Barack Hussein contends, “All men and women are created equal, they have certain inalienable rights, and one of those is to practice their religion freely.” The question that a nation built upon a Judeo-Christian foundation needs to ask is this: Why would Obama, the self-appointed global ambassador for religious tolerance, refuse to address the brutal, bloody, life-and-death struggle his supposed Christian brethren face worldwide at the hands of a religion he maintains is one of peace?

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