‘Dreamers’ and the Illegal Nightmare

Originally posted at American Thinker

Presently there are two examples of liberal contradiction evidenced in relation to two separate issues involving illegal immigrants.  One situation has to do with an execution in Texas, under the auspices of Republican Governor Rick Perry; and the other is in Washington DC, overseen by the likes of Senator Dick ‘Dream-Act’ Durbin (D-IL) and driven by the President Obama’s goal to grant creeping amnesty to undocumented immigrants.

Recently in Washington DC, illegals felt comfortable enough coming out of the shadows to hear Dick Durbin tell a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that people who are in essence guilty of a criminal offense are “America’s future,” and to encourage those who are not natural born citizens to aspire to the position of president of the United States.

Either the esteemed senator needs a crash course in the Constitution, or Durbin, like President Obama, feels the document is flawed and in need of amendment readjustment.  Like most liberals, depending on the outcome desired, Durbin may believe the nation’s founding document is in continual flux and open to revision according to need.

In order to make future modifications more palatable, the Dream Act website employs the old Democrat standby of evoking sympathy for lawbreakers, claiming, “A group of approximately 65,000 youth … are smeared with the inherited title” of “illegal immigrant.”

Is the new normal in America to disregard the law in an effort to counterweigh the circumstances children suffer for the crimes committed by their parents? That kind of shoddy policy is what is contributing to the rapid disintegration of the America that the parents of illegal children escaped to for a better life.

Rather than standing to be recognized, thanked, and applauded for making the sacrifice to come to Washington DC, in the past any “Dreamer” foolhardy enough to show up on Capitol Hill would have been promptly escorted to a caravan of charter buses and deported back to the country they and their lawless parents unlawfully migrated from.

Which is why, if not obstructed by the likes of the UN or Barack Obama, what is scheduled to take place in Texas not only helps preserve the integrity of America, but also sends a message of more value than the one that says America is the type of nation that looks for opportunities to compensate wrongdoing.

In the coming week, rather than admire and reward criminal activity, Texas plans to strap Humberto Leal Garcia, affectionately referred to as a Mexican national, to a gurney and administer a lethal injection for the crime of raping and bludgeoning a 16-year-old girl to death with a hunk of asphalt.

Despite the ghastly nature of his crime, “Several former U.S. law enforcement officials and ex-diplomats appealed last month that Garcia’s execution be blocked, arguing it puts the safety of Americans at risk abroad,” never mentioning the risk monsters like Humberto Leal Garcia pose to Americans right here at home.

In 1994, Leal Garcia abducted 16-year-old Adria Sauceda, who was “pumped full of alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana” and had already been “brutally savaged” by nine men “taking turns” at a backyard party.  Leal “raped her some more before finally ending her misery by crushing in her skull with a 35 lb chunk of asphalt” and leaving her on the side of the road with a stick protruding from her lifeless body.

Even still, joining the commutation chorus are the usual suspects: Barack Obama, notorious for making excuses for illegal immigrants, and the United Nations.  Together the President and the UN are appealing to the Supreme Court to halt the execution of the “38-year-old Leal — who has lived in the United States since he was 2 years old,” because he was denied “access to a Mexican consular official at the time of his arrest.”

What sort of additional guidance could a Mexican consular official possibly offer such a beast? Furthermore, why would Democrats, who seem to be more than willing to revise the Constitution to allow illegals to run for the presidency, be exhibiting fundamentalist adherence to the guidelines that define “lack of consular assistance,” especially if doing so puts a stop to a diabolical murderer’s execution?

Yet an even larger contradiction exists: The liberals who support the Dream Act, including Barack Obama, portray illegal aliens here for only five years as full-fledged Americans; now they are trying to influence Texas to commute the death sentence of a murdering rapist in the US illegally for 36 years, citing three-decade-old ties to Mexico as the excuse?

Which is it?  Does time hiding illegally in the US equal credits toward citizenship or not?  If not, then arguments that support the Dream Act are moot, and Leal’s sentence should be commuted. Conversely, if spending time in the U.S. cancels out illegal status, then Leal being in America since he was two makes him ineligible for international intervention and should be executed.

Liberals are well-practiced at conveying confusing messages, which is why an unconfused Governor Perry should not submit to international and presidential pressure to commute the death sentence of an illegal alien that liberals would consider fully American if he got a high school diploma, but now argue should be viewed as ‘Mexican’ after he murdered and maimed an innocent girl.

Those on the left continue to muddle up the issue of illegals and their status in the United States.  Meanwhile Rick Perry has an opportunity to do a patriotic service greater than all the false compassion and un-American revisionism Democrats Dick Durbin and Barack Obama offer illegals. If the Texas Governor sticks to his convictions, doing so will reconfirm for the confused that in America, there are still politicians with the mental clarity and backbone to remain committed to upholding the Constitution, and the firm resolve to follow the law.

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