Time for a Conservative Whine Session?

Originally postsed at American Thinker. 

In their attempts to guilt America into submission, liberals are famous for giving face time to the unfortunate victims of Republican resistance to liberal policies.  For example, in the Obama gallery at the State of the Union, we’ve had our heartstrings pulled by people who claim to have been forced to pay for their children’s college education with a credit card and a young Recovery Act couple with a story of how their hopes for an organic ice cream shop were nearly dashed for lack of a benevolent lender.

There was a man without health care coverage who had brain cancer, as well as a cameo appearance from Warren Buffet’s $200K+-a-year salaried secretary who supposedly pays higher taxes than her billionaire boss.  While proposing an increase in Tricare premiums, the left has feigned outrage over military families on food stamps and attempted to gain sympathy for children of lawbreaking illegals by invoking “dreams” of an American taxpayer-bestowed college education.

More recently, the nation has been chastised, compliments of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, by a radical feminist disguised as a concerned law student seeking free contraceptives.

That particular whine session included impressive references to endometriosis and unreported rape, polycystic ovarian syndrome, a massive cyst the size of a “tennis ball,” a partial hysterectomy leading to menopausal symptoms and infertility — all conditions that they believe could have resulted, in one way or another, because Jesuit priests are opposed to birth control.

Over the years, there’s never been a shortage of tear-jerking scenarios to goad America toward a liberal world vision.  But all this time, what the left conveniently avoided was to give equal time to the casualties of policies they’ve forced the nation to swallow in the name of fairness, diversity, and world unity.

Maybe it’s time for that to change.  In fact, now that the topic of birth control is hot, it’s also time that a couple of congressional panels feature women with breast or liver cancer resulting from the same contraceptives the government is presently pushing like candy on American women.

If victimization is so powerful, why haven’t liberals made post-abortion stress syndrome a cause?  We’ve heard from women who have suffered for lack of access to free contraception, but where are the women who suffer a lifetime of self-hatred for submitting themselves and their unborn children to liberal-funded abortions?  Why not make room in the “unfortunates” section of the State of the Union gallery, next to Michelle Obama, for women maimed and rendered infertile in “safe, legal, and rare” abortion clinics?

Moreover, why don’t Democrat pioneers of free love and uninhibited sex have a follow-up Fluke panel and call on a couple of contraception-demanding women who suffer from the human papilloma virus or genital warts, both of which result from multiple sex partners?

Furthermore, it’s obvious that Sandra Fluke is not the only daughter with proud parents.  How about giving voice to the mother who found out at a morgue that her dead 13-year-old daughter had been escorted to an abortion clinic without her knowledge?

Having already dealt with the sex issue, what would also be fitting is an affirmative-action gripe session for NYC firemen who, after scoring high on the civil service test, were denied jobs.  Or better yet, why not invite well-qualified minority men and women to testify about how humiliating it is to be viewed as unable to achieve success without the assistance of quotas?

While we’re at it, let’s also hear from families of the fallen soldiers who lost their lives after Barack Obama apologized for U.S. servicemen who may have been following Islamic protocol when burning a desecrated Koran.  Then we can spend some time listening to the thirty soldiers who were wounded at Ft. Hood who, much like Sandra Fluke, probably have a lot to say.  They can come to Capitol Hill and share how, thanks to the American military’s acquiescence to politically correct diversity politics, thirteen of their colleagues were gunned down in cold blood.

Why not have small businessmen, bankers or CEOs of private companies occupy Sandra Fluke’s seat for a spell?  Achievers from every walk of life can share how, after working hard to be successful, the thanks they get is a sullied reputation and unwarranted harassment from envious individuals who’ve grabbed hold of the class warfare bone tossed by Obama to the rabid portion of the 99%.

Heading south, a nice change of pace would also be to have some of the individuals who, while Janet Napolitano was busy confiscating hairdryers, lost loved ones on the border.

How about a few words from missionary Sam Davis, whose wife Nancy was shot and killed by cartel gunmen, quite possibly with a weapon acquired from Obama’s Department of Justice?  After Sam, the parents of Jamie Zapata and Brian Terry could lean into the microphone and tell a Congressional committee about the pain and heartache they’ve endured since murderous “Fast and Furious” Mexican thugs gunned down their sons.

In order to participate in safe recreational sex, a “poised,” articulate young law student like Sandra Fluke certainly shouldn’t have to worry about how to pay for contraceptives.  With that in mind, why not sponsor a Worried Congressional Panel, where nervous Americans from every walk of life can share with government representatives all manner of fear and anxiety?

Appearing on the roster can be unemployed Americans worried about the economy.  Also represented could be Americans worried about terrorism, diminished national security, deep military cuts, and Barack Obama’s continued coddling of the soon-to-be-nuclear Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Lest we forget, there are the gasoline-or-groceries and plunging-headlong-into-tyranny worriers.  Also in attendance could be First- and Second-Amendment fretters.  And of course those who agonize endlessly about Obama’s anti-life agenda taking over life-and-death health care decisions, not to mention the threat of his re-election.

With that said, maybe it’s high time Republicans follow the lead of Democrats and organize a series of grievance panels of their own.  They could style them after the liberal litanies that feature tragedy, hardship, and privation, but instead conservatives would host the gatherings so that those permanently scarred by the left’s policies can elbow the Sandra Flukes of the world out of the way and finally register a valid complaint.

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