The Earth Quakes on Spring Break

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In some circles supporters who stop just short of worshiping the man have assigned Barack Obama God-like qualities.  Lest we forget, this is a guy who people believed would provide America a nonstop Biblical-style Day of Jubilee.  The belief was, Obama would forgive mortgages and, like multiplying the loaves and fishes, fill gas tanks with free $5-a-gallon gasoline.

Just prior to the election in 2008, candidate Obama had the audacity to imply that if he was elected, in that historic moment, “the rise of the oceans [would begin] to slow and our planet begin to heal.”  Yet, since that day there have been cataclysmic global events, including eight major rising-sea tsunamis that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

It seems like every time the President makes a Messiah-like proclamation, whether large or small, God drops in unannounced to remind the world who’s really in charge. And judging by the way things have been going for the last three years or so, the good old days of pestilence and plagues would be a welcome reprieve.

Still, one has to admit that it takes an extraordinary person with quite an inflated ego to claim the power to affect planetary well-being, as well as an ample dose of chutzpah to advertise oneself as having the ability to command rising oceans to slow.

Meanwhile, the most recent divine rebuke to correct Barack Obama’s omnipotent self-perception occurred when the White House wielded its power to strong-arm the media into scrubbing stories about daughter Malia’s second vacation since January, a parent-free spring break in Oaxaca, Mexico.

It started when the White House, supposedly concerned for Malia’s security, asked the press to back off the story.  In response, the AFP, Yahoo News, the Huffington Post, various Australian news organizations, the Daily Mail, and the Telegraph all agreed to push the delete button on the ‘Malia Goes to Mexico’ story – which they had already published – with an agreeability that should be newsworthy in itself.

The media must have been so intimidated that no one thought to ask how this president, who allows his 13-year-old child to go on a school trip to a country that’s racking up headless corpses faster than he’s racking up debt, can get away with chastising the press for compromising his daughter’s security.

Nevertheless, judging by the long list of headlines that linked to “404 error” pages, it appeared that once again Pharaoh Obama’s magicians had thrown their staffs to the ground to exhibit their power to turn rods into snakes and everyone jumped back.  But the exhibition was short lived because, in one fell swoop, a bigger, badder serpent swallowed the President’s power over the press.

After the dictate came down from on high to replace the Malia-in-Mexico stories with “Senegal music star Youssou Ndour hits campaign trail,” a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit in close proximity to where the President’s daughter was vacationing.

Thankfully the girl was unharmed, but the White House had to acquiesce and come out with a story assuring the world that Malia Obama, while spring-breaking in gunrunning, drug cartel-laden, beheading-for-sport Mexico, had survived the earthquake.

Proving yet again that just like the Pharaoh of old, another message needed to be sent to a man deluded into believing he’s the one in charge. And the message was this: ‘You may be able to push around a pusillanimous press, but you have zero power to heal a trembling earth, or calm the rising sea.’

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